Spring Vale
Barlbrough Road
North Road
This was called spring vale now better known as creswell road.
Barlbrough road looking towards clowne.

A look down north road towards the village.To see a past & present screen of north road


North Road
A look up north road towards bump mill ponds.
Rectory Road
Church Lane
Rotherham Road
Long before the church hall & clowne collage.
Looking up church lane from the cross on the day of the visit of king george & mary in 1914.
Looking towards bump mill ponds.
Clowne Road
Hollin hill
Mansfield Road
Looking towards cliff hill you can see monkey park on top right of photo.
With the bridge being demolished.
A look down mansfield road towards clowne some years ago.
Mansfield Road Snow
Jubilee Crescent
Dollybells Parade on high st
My homestead. Its changed a little not much though. This picture is for my big brother who's a friend of Alf Allfree pictured here 1954-55
High Street
High Street
This part of the village has changed The terraced houses on the right have all gone.
This was the heart of the village. Most of the buildings on the left side of the road have been demolished.

Mill Street
Mill Street
Mill Street
Looking towards the old school. the left hand side of the road with just a couple of shops.
A later view showing shops built on the left.
Looking towards the old mill. wonder if they knocked the boden down or altered it to as it is below.
Mill Street
Part of Newtons Shop
Mill Street
Another step forward things looking much how they do today.
I am told this building used to be joined on to the end of newtons Shop & was known as Watkins Shop
Mill street 1950s note the stone pillar & wall gate to a house that stood where the spar shop is today.
An early look towards the village.
Steam Traction engine outside Florrie Watkins house on high street.
Looking in the opposite way towards north road.
Gala Float Rectory road
Old Junior School
King & queen Visit 1914
Church Lane
Newtons Fish & Chip Shop
Church Lane
A view of church lane when it was just a lane.looking towards the old boys school.
On high street now its a hair salon.
Looking down church lane towards the church.