The Station
Clowne Signal Box
The Station Platform
The platform demolished in 2000.
A picture of the clowne signal box taken in the 60s. Any one know who the signal man was. Click on picture for a better look.Picture took By Edward law 1960
Up until just last year the station building was still there but it was vandalized & set fire to so finally it got demolished.
The Platform
The Station Entrance
Goods & Wating Room
Class 9 loco standing in clowne station.Just visible above the train is the British legion hut which used to be at the back of the nags head hotel.
The ticket office. Later became TSB
This used to stand on what is now liner park.
Goods & Wating Room
An earlier look at the goods & waiting room when it was in use
Looking away from station twards signal box.
Clown Station Master1920 Walter David Rattue
Station when closed 1980
Minis in clowne station 1962 pictured By M.A.king and donated By John Bunting
Steam train on slayleys 1962.
Another Picture of the station when closed down.
Goods Shed &diesel loco standing in station.
Clowne Station Shortly after opening would say about 1890s.
Goods shed derelict
Steam traincomming towards iron bridge.
Steam train leaving clowne station.
Station bridge much as it is to day except for allot more weeds.
Hard to believe that there was all these shunting lanes in clowne.
The tunnel under old tsb bank uncovered after being buried for about 27 years.It was dug out to strengthen ground for new roundabout
Tunnel from other end sees daylight again.