Paul Garner's Section

Herewith some chunks of Clowne history !
My mother's side were the Johnson's. Horace, on the war memorial was her only brother, died of  flu/meningitis(?) at Aldershot before he got to France in 1918. I do have a photo of him and will send if you are not too cluttered up !
Charles Johnson and Agnes Belfitt were my great grand parents, had the first telephone exchange in their front room. Late in life he made notes which still exist with relatives in Derby. I have transcript and will copy attached, later notes added by his daughter Mary, who took over the telephone exchange. She died aged 99, I have a snap taken in old age.
Barnet Kenyon MP was my great uncle, his widow lived with us to 1945 aged 91., Walter Garner and Jane Minor were my grandparents.  She was 'in service'  in Manchester , her Mistress died and left her £50, about 1900.
She married Walter in1902 and spent the £50 buying the plots at Portland St. They took out £200 mortgage from Clowne Coop and built No 9. I have the deed with 3 family signatures on it- Walter, Barnet Kenyon, and Arthur Calow. It was sold after their death about 1954.
The photos of No 9  show daughter Eunice in front about 1925, then, in colour, my father Harold there in 1980's. He was born there in 1904.
Sidney Minor had a business in North Rd, he was chapel organist.
I hope this is enough to be going on with.

Walter Garner & Jane E Minor 1902
William & Bridgford Johnson
William & Bridgford Johnson
Sidney Minor B 1883
Charles & Agnes Johnson+Ida+William
Southgate Colliery 1915
Southgate Colliery Clowne

Notebook of Charles Johnson, 1851-1926, Clowne,
added to by his daughter Mary Lizzie b.20-11-1882 died 1982 aged 99.

( known to all as Auntie Doll).

Mr John Peacock, Timber yard, Earith, near St Ives, Hunts.
Mr George Johnson, Star Yard, St Ives, Hunts.
Mr H Johnson, 8, Ledston Luck Villas, Kippax, Nr Leeds.

Ad. cutting- 2/- post free from Joseph Johnson, Holborn Hall, London EC.
I came to Marsden Moor in Derbyshire, December 27th 1868 (an orphan since 1855)

Harry left home for Micklefield, June 24th 1906
Lamps lighted in Clowne streets Oct 11th 1895
Water put in Clowne houses Oct 19th 1912.
Left 140, Cresswell Rd for 136, North Rd, Fern Lea, on March 25 1914
Telephone office opened Oct 8th 1914, on duty.

Dorothy died on May 6th 1917.
Horace's funeral July 20th 1918.

Fire at Southgate Colliery March 18th 1920.
Soldiers monument erected Sept 23rd 1920
unveiled by John Belfitt on Oct 18th 1920, Clowne.

Sister Esther died on 14th Nov 1920 Longstanton, Cambs.

Hilda went to Burton 5 Jan 66, came home 2 Feb 66
Bought house Grasmoor July 55, birthday 28 May 1866
married 1915
Bern died 1945
Hilda died 28 March 1967
Frederick Charles J born Sept 24 1890 at Clowne.
Died Dec 12 1914
Winifred Annie J born Oct 10th 1891 at Clowne
died Sept 18th 1913
Colin J. born June 10 1897 at Clowne.
Married 25 Oct 1920 at Plymouth, re-married
died 31 August 1972 aged 75.

Father died Feb 5th 1926
Mary appointed caretaker/operator 6th Feb 1926, wages 16/4.
Coal strike started 1 May 1926.

Will died Aug 20 1929
Harry died 4 March 1947
Cam died 27 April 1952
Kess died 11 May 1952
Aunt Mary Cross died 9 Nov 1929
Colin went to Ilkeston 2 Nov 1925
Cousin Kate came to visit Aug 30th 1925.

Barnet Kenyon MP section coming soon