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Name: Joanna Heath (Jackson)

Hello Julia Good to hear from you again, yes I can update you on various family members for Freddie. I can let you have a picture of your Grandad Cyril in the homeguard, we are going to have it put on the site.


My email address:



Name: Julia Davies

Comments:  I've been looking with great interest at your site as my late mother Avis hippey nee Calow daughter of clarice and Cyril Calow now I know a few bits and pieces of family but after losing contact with cousins etc over the years I would love to hear from anyone who could fill in some of the gaps my mums sister Sheila lives near to me in brixham Devon but sadly have lost my uncle ken and auntie esme, to a question re the signal box I recall being told by my mum that she used to take sandwiches and ginger beer to her uncle in the signal box during the war but no names unfortunately, and I know grandpa was a captain of the homeguard and a jp and something to do with the leprosy association and granny clarice a member of the WI and something to do with kennyon map , so anything would be great x



Name: Steven Dobb

Comments: This is a great site,as i was looking to see if i could find anybody that i know from clowne as i lived & was born in creswell,and moved to clowne in about 1975 on romeley cresent next to english furniture shop,(three brothers & a sister,brain,me,phillip,stuart,anita) I joind the army(worster& sherwood foresters in 1978 and did 24years.two years later my parents moved to worksop then back to creswell(coach house)I live in bracknell,berkshire now and i havent been back to clowne since.Any one that nows of me please get intouch by email.MANY THANKS TO THIS SITE.



Name: Sarah

Comments:  feedback for Louise Sharpe regarding Harry Taylor: I believe we are cousins. I am also a great grandchild of Arthur and Mary...



Name: Samantha Robbins

Comments: HI, i am trying to research the history pf shuttlewood in 1950. Specifically relating to any murders that took place on Benting road and a family with the surname Jackson. Please if anyone can help it would be much appreciated



Name: Geoff. Felix

Comments: Thank you very much for your interesting site.I wonder if there is anyone who remembers the late Harry Russell who ran a newsagents shop? He was born in Chesterfield in 1887 and I am keen to find out if this is the same Harry Russell who was adopted by Henry Bailey the Punch and Judy man who worked in  Buxton. After Bailey died in 1906 Harry Russell took over the show. I have found a record of him from the 1970's and he had a son in law, but is this the same man? Can anyone help please?



Name:William Green

Comments: Has anyone any information on the home guard in clowne. I think my grandad served in it, before dying as a result of a road traffic accident in 1941 His name was also William Green



Name: Ann Pulisciano

Comments:  I first come to England with my mother in November 1956, my father was already living in Clowne and worked at the Coalite at Claycross, I was 3.1/2 years of age and lived in Clowne until I was about 5, I still remember a little bit of Clowne, but would like to know more about the house we lived in, I think it was number 2 Church Street, I know our house was near the Esso garage and right opposite was the Coach and Houses public house, I would like to know a little history of Church Street and if this house is still standing, I also remember the Salvation Army Hall and wondered if this is still there. I remember we had a court yard with about three other houses surrounding the court yard with a wash room in one end of the court yard and an outside toilet.  My father came to England from Italy, I was born in a village near Naples and I've lived in England now for about 56 years and would love to know if anyone remembers me and my family going back to the mid 1950's.



Name:  Ian McDonald

Comments: Are the parish records for Clowne available online, please? I have discovered recently that my seventh great-grandfather, Roger Renshaw, who was born around the middle of the seventeenth century, came from Clowne, and I would like to obtain details of his baptism, marriage and burial, and those of his children.

Thank you,



Name:  Paul English

Comments:  The Clowne Poppy Appeal and Remembrance websight is now updated for info and pictures for 2011 Poppy Appeal and Remembrance Sunday Parade. The link is on the Clownevillage website.


Name: Joe Wigmore

Comments: Was just checking out the site and looking at the photos. Good to see it hasn't changed to much. I moved to Perth ten years ago and have only been back once when I was younger. Hopefully come back home soon.



Name: Rachel

Comments: Hello, I'm tracing my faamily history and wondered if anyone knew a John Stevenson,who married a Barbara Rose Chambers in Whitwell church in 1953,their witness's were Catherine Stevenson and James A ndrew Keeling.Barbara had the same father as my late mother,but she never knew anything about her.I would love to find out more,I know she died in 1986 in Chesterfield. I would be grateful for any information.Thanks.



Peter Martin

Comments:  I lived in Clowne since I was born until 1967 when I went to University from Shirebrook Grammar as it was then until 1970 then went to live in Doncaster in 1971,as a Mines' Geologist before coming out here to Singapore in 1972 and am still here with my wife and family. I still remember "Daddy Isaacs", Freddie Stamper, Mrs Lovatt,and Headmistress Mrs Wilkes. My mother still lives on Rose Avenue and my sister Susan nearby as well. Hopefully coming over in July 2012 to show my son where his Dad came from. My daughters have been thyere a few times already to visit their Grandmother



Barbara Gant was Cowley

Comments: just found this site i was born in Clowne in 1958 i lived on station rd with mum Betty dad Frank and sister Sue and Lyn i left Clowne in 1981 and moved to Barnsley where i still live would love to hear from any old class mates



Wayne Mellor

Comments: Just been looking at the website and it brought back so many memories especially reading some of the names.

I moved to South Africa in 1984 and have been back to Clowne 3 times.

Would love to hear from some of my old school mates.



Janet o'Neill

Comments:  DENNIS & GLYNNE BROWN - I've been trying to locate DENNIS BROWN & GLYNNE BROWN ,who originate from Barlborough & Clowne. Dennis & Glynne were good friends when we all lived in South Africa. I lost touch when I returned to the UK in 1979. I would be very grateful if anyone can help me in getting in touch with either of them, many thanks



Alan Harper

Comments: I have a photo of my wifes grandfathers wedding group taken outside the co-op in clowne in 1920. would it have been in the local paper. if so what was the local paper and wherewould i get a copy of it.



Jon Sambrook

Comments: i recenly went to the boughton lane school just before it closed,i must say that my memories of that school are not the happiest but one thing i enjoyed working on was the traction engine done in individual pieces of stone when put together formed a full picture of the traction engine which was then stuck on the wall near the boys showers,i was amazed to see it was still there,this was done around 1970,who else remembers this,



S Schmidt

Comments: researching my family history found my great great grandfather was from clowne.he was born in 1790 and was joseph baker.he married jane bly from uxbridge and they returned to you know anything about the family .many thanks .



 David Blakemore

Comments: How many of us went to the Goodbye Boughton Lane School day?

What a spooky experience, walking round the quad and looking to see if any of the surrounding faces looked familiar. Shocked to see a path and tables and chairs on the grass in the middle of the quad.....what a change from the old days when to step on the grass was a quick route to the Head's Study.




Comments: Great and very interesting website. My great grandfather died in 1926.  He lived at 17 Gray Street with his wife Emily Ida, daughters Edna & Ethel and son Joseph.At the time he was working as an insurance agent. He died in the Royal Infirmary, Sheffield from a brain tumour.

The informant on his death certificate was G W Windle of 8 Mansfield Road, Clowne.  I was hoping that someone might recognise the name as I don't think he was a family member.  I would be very grateful for any information anyone might have. Many Thanks




Comments: Can anyone please help me I'm trying to find information on my grandmother. Her name was Rose A brown and I think she was born in 1902 and died sometime in the 70s, I think she married a cawkwell then a whitehead. If anyone as any info at all please please let me know. Thank you



Rhys Howitt

Comments: Robert Hewet was Rector of Clowne from 1528 to 1530.  If anyone has any additional information on him, and his relationship to the Hewets of Killamarsh. I'd be interested to hear.  Rhys Howitt, Goulburn NSW Australia


Matthew Walters

Comments: I wondered if anyone could help me with my search for information about my grandfather George 'Jack' Walters. It is recorded on his birth certificate that he was born at 7 Duke Street, Clowne on 2 May 1911 to an Edward Walters and Nellie Walters previously Northway. However, neither Edward or Nellie can be accurately traced. I know he went to school in Clowne until the age of 13 before becoming a coal cart puller working for the Southgate Colliery Company. I also know that upon his marriage to Lucy Elaine Unwin his brother William Walters was present. Any help would be gratefully recieved as I have come to a stand still.



Alan Passey

Comments: I've been doing some family history stuff recently and came by your site out of curiosity and accident. One of the best village sites I've stumbled across - well done. I've scrolled down the Feedback page and recognise a few names. We lived on Barlborough Road for many years. I'm shocked to see how North Road has changed (I guess this happened some years ago). I had a paper round from Lewis' Shop for years. I see Rob Jackson's name mentioned below. Rob and I went to Chesterfield Tec together for a while - he taking me on the back of his motor bike. I remember we fell off so slowly going up Hollingwood Hill that it must have looked like some sort of cartoon! I remember the sunniest summer holidays playing on the Rec every day and being chased off the football pitch when ??? can't remember his name, would appear. And Jan...whatever happened to Jan ? Do any of you have any old pictures of the football teams to put up here ? West Lea and the Youth Club team. I played for West Lea for a while - mainly the 2nd team -  but I remember it being great fun. Keep up the good work.



Annette Fischer

Comments: I found this site really interesting especially as I am conducting research on behalf of myself and sister regarding our Mother Jean who was born at 35 Gray Street, Clowne in 1925.   The electoral roll shows that resident at that time was Charles Bird and Beatrice Bird.    We have recently found relatives of our Grandmother Beatrice but are desperate to find out who Charles Bird (Grandfather)was.   They lived in Gray street between 1921 to 1926.   There is an element of mystery about their relationship as they were both listed as Bird but we cannot find any evidence of a marriage.  Can anyone help solve this mystery as to who Charles Bird was and what his occupation was.   We do not know his age.   Our Mother was fostered shortly after she was born and we would like to know what happened to the relationship.




Comments:  Dear Sir or Madam.

I am trying to trace  a Jesse Marshall family, esse was born in 1892 in Clowne derbyshire, but the only Jesse Marshall I can find that was born in 1892 was registered in Worksop Notingham, was Clowne in Nottinghamshire county in 1892.

Jesse's parent's were a Willaim marshall and a Elizabeth Blunstone living in Barlborough - Stavley Derbyshire in 1901.

Many thanks for your time and trouble.

Best wishes.

Fred Wheatcroft.



Karen Ward

Comments: Does anyone know where or how I can contact Peter Stevenson (landlord of the Angel Inn Clowne during the 1980's? I think he lives in Rhodesia now... His wife was called Chris.. thanks



Chris Johnson

Comments:  Thomas Edward Wilson was my great uncle and I believe he was a stationmaster in clowne. I remember visiting him there and ther being rooms over the railway. Is there any local information available about him ? regards Chris Johnson



Karen Ward

Comments: Can anyone remember the fun day fancy dress floats from 1980's? I am trying to locate photographs.. I can remember them going through the streets of Clowne, I was on the TISWAS float, I was about 9 years old...



Jan Maude

Comments: Does anyone know whether there was ever a garage called Maudes in Clowne.



Dave Beaumont

Comments: Herbert Tidmarsh died 1957 and wife Mary died 1950 buried in Clowne St Johm the Baptist graveyard.

To Joyce Hursthouse! Can you contact me over the having as location of having gravestone fitted to the above Herbert's grave - need info doc's related to your mother Alice Colclough marriage and birth to prove she is Alice Tidmarsh

Your Mums epitaph is the only proof of the grave location but need to prove she is their daughter for the church council as it carries Colclough name and not Tidmarsh

All cost will be coved this end

Regards Dave Beaumont from Huddersfield


If you would like to contact any of the people above with no address please e-mail or fill in feedback form.

Terry Boden

HI a great site my Grandfather was John Mumby he was a plate layer working from Clowne station in the 1950s the Mumby family lived in Balbrough and Clowne my farther ( stanley Boden ) met my mother ( Iris Mumby )when he was stationed at Southgate House in about 1943 I am looking for any info on southgate house and the Mumby Family

Terry Boden

My email address:


Stephen Brown

I am researching my family history.Many relatives lived in Clowne in late 1800s onwards.Do you know where Womble Hill was.I now live in N Zealand but my mother is still in Clowne.My G.and G.G.grandfather lived there around 1891.Many thanks ,hope you can help.



Albert Anthony(Tony) Hill

Comments: Iam reserching my family tree with roots in Clowne and I have recently found your wonderful website and with very little knowledge of my father's upbringing in Clowne I find it is very interesting as I know very little about my father's family.

My Grandfather was Joseph Hill born 1870,a miner who died 1926. His first marriage was to Bertha Green in 1890 with 4/5 Children,Elijah,Eliza,Joseph and Ernest + (Clarence ?)and lived at Station Road,Clowne.

Second marriage was to Selina Warnes, formerly Henshaw on Dec.30th 1916 and they lived at 39 and 45 Neale Street, Clowne, with children Ada(Warnes),Elsie,(Clarence),Frederick and my father Albert who moved with his family first to Cornwall and then Dorset in 1958,where I have lived since age 12/13

Joseph died in 1926 and I have no further information regarding Selina,Clarence or Frederick,( we had family contact with Elsie and Ada until their deaths).

Iam visiting Clowne Fri10th,Sat.11th September to visit cemetry, register office etc.and would be most grateful if anyone could provide any information.Thank you

My email address:


Joanna Heath

Response to Shirley Lock's post.

Hello Shirley I tried to email you but it bounced back.
I am Mollie Calow's daughter and saw your message on the Clowne website. Mollie does not have a computer, so is unable to reply so I will do so on her behalf. Yes, we are related albeit distantly. This is how it works

William Calow married Elisabeth Calow (first cousins so we are actually related twice over) his brother was Zachariah Calow married Mary Ann English.
William and Elisabeth had a son Albert John cousin to Zachariah and Mary Ann's son George.
Albert John married Alice Kenyon and had a son Alfred second cousin to George's daughter Dorothy.
Alfred married Hannah Walker and had a daughter Mollie Calow third cousin to Dorothy's daughter Shirley.
If you have any children they will by my fourth cousins.
My mother left Clowne to go to Drama school when she was 17, her father died when she was only 7. Howver her mother lived in Clowne Creswell Road until I was 14, I went there quite a bit and had a couple of little 'holidays' with her. I used to play with two children called Robert and Pamela Smith who lived in the next yard they were a little younger than me. I didn't know but they were distant relations. Zachariah married for a second time and had a daughter called Annie and Robert and Pamela were her grandchildren.
Mum knew nothing of Zachariah's first wife but remembers him singing in the choir at church. There was a Norman Calow at Clowne who would be George's nephew, she didn't know the connection to that side of the family.
Also my Great Uncle Cyril Calow lived next door to Hannah, so I know my Calow relations from him quite well. I also have a batch of Calow cousins from my Mum's brother in Newbury.
I didn't find all this out myself but through a Michael Calow who has traced the Calows back to the 1700s, he has been extremely helpful.
I see there is also a message from Sandra Knowles, her parents were friends of my Grandmother Hannah Calow, I remember visiting Mavis not long before she went out to South Africa

My email address:


Shirley Lock


My email address:


Jean Belfitt

subject: Clowne Churchyard

comment: I see Whitwell's History society has compiled a list of graves in it's churchyard. Is there any chance of the same happening for St John's churchyard? The last time we visited the area many of the gravestones were falling over and it would be wonderful to get the info online for family history researchers to see before the gravestones break up and are lost forever. Wonderful to hear of the old document found in Cresswell.

If you would like to contact any of the people above with no address please e-mail or fill in feedback form.

Robert Gascoigne

Comments: i was very pleased to see people,s name,s that are on the site such as my cousin alan harper who was talking about the tip we played on and 10 salvin cresent and 13 barton street i wonder if he can remember when we used to play in the craggs also we put him on a horse and then mr nixon came of church lane and chased us off i also rember peter taylor ,robert,and there sister margarete who used to babysit us when we were kids, i was born in 1947 and went through all schools in clowne



Ronald Stribbling

Comments: Hi i have just come across your site and so many memories have come flooding back i use to live at number 30 Barlborugh road Clowne with my grand parents mr and mrs Thomas Turley from dec 1943 to 1948 would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or my family regards Ronald Stribbling

My email address:




92, Neale St, Clowne

Comments: I remember June Syson,Joan Mallen,Joan Womble,all friends of my sister Pam Platt, now deceased, Ijoined R Navy in 1951,served 12 yrs and settled in BHAM,lived in Spain for last 4yrs,and hope to visit Clowne this year for my 74th b/day, have many fond memories.

My email address:



Steven Milner

Comments:  Being a Clowne resident virtually all my life,I read with great interest most of the comments on this page and thought that if anyone would like present day photo(s) of any particular street, building, house or anything else in Clowne, then please get in touch and , if its not been pulled down already, I will do my best to get the photo for you.

My email address:



Katy Brown

Comments:  GRENVILLE HEATHCOTE (born 1933)

I am searching for anybody that knew of my grandpa. He went to Clowne Technology College and Junior School. He was one of the boys who played cricket and football for the Technology college. His parents were Dora and George Heathcote. He moved from Clowne to Bestwood Village as worked in the pits - meeting my Nan - June Bull. Anyone that knew him, would be lovely to hear from you, as he sadly passed away in 2005 at the age of 70.

My email address:



Paul Garner

Hi Andy,
Herewith some chunks of Clowne history !
My mother's side were the Johnson's. Horace, on the war memorial was her only brother, died of  flu/meningitis(?) at Aldershot before he got to France in 1918. I do have a photo of him and will send if you are not too cluttered up !
Charles Johnson and Agnes Belfitt were my great grand parents, had the first telephone exchange in their front room. Late in life he made notes which still exist with relatives in Derby. I have transcript and will copy attached, later notes added by his daughter Mary, who took over the telephone exchange. She died aged 99, I have a snap taken in old age.
Barnet Kenyon MP was my great uncle, his widow lived with us to 1945 aged 91.,
Walter Garner and Jane Minor were my grandparents.  She was 'in service'  in Manchester , her Mistress died and left her £50, about 1900.
She married Walter in1902 and spent the £50 buying the plots at Portland St. They took out £200 mortgage from Clowne Coop and built No 9. I have the deed with 3 family signatures on it- Walter, Barnet Kenyon, and Arthur Calow. It was sold after their death about 1954.
The photos of No 9  show daughter Eunice in front about 1925, then, in colour, my father Harold there in 1980's. He was born there in 1904.
Sidney Minor had a business in North Rd, he was chapel organist.
I hope this is enough to be going on with.
Best wishes,
Paul Garner


Paul Garner

Comments:   Both sets of my grandparents lived in Clowne, Johnsons, Kenyons, Minors, Garners.I have the mortgage document from Clowne Co-op 1904 for £200 signed by Walter Garner and Barnet Kenyon(my great uncle). I have a photo of my uncle Horace Johnson,died 1918, who is on the war memorial. I have lots of photos of old Clowne residents, including my g-grandparents Charles and Agnes johnson who had the telephone exchange in North Road in 1913.

I will be happy to share all this stuff with anyone interested. drop a line.

Paul Johnson Garner

My email address:



 Ian Fletcher

Comments: rita mellors 1st world war,soldiers on cenotaph,visited my great uncles grave,h fletcher lancashire fusiliers in landricies france very moving experience nov 2008 only 1 from our family to do so



Derek Bower

Comments:  CLOWNE

My Great Grandfather, Jonathon CARLINE born in 1840 in Clay Cross, moved to Wales (Worksop) and then Clowne between 1871 and 1880.  The family lived in 3 Shiroaks Buildings, Clowne, (1881 Census) where my grandfather, Albert Rufus Carline, was born on 29th September 1880. By 1891 the œe in Carline had been dropped and from then on the family name was Carlin. Later they moved to Beighton where my mother Elizabeth Esther was born in 1907.  Albert had an uncle Reuben Carline who also lived in Clowne in 1881,  before moving to Staveley.

Mother married my father, William Bower, in Sheffield 26 May 1931,and they then lived in Killamarsh.  Eventually, moving to Langwith, Bakeston Moor , (Whitwell) ,  Southgate Avenue (Whitwell side of Van Dykes nurseries). Although in Whitwell Parish, Toll Bar Cottage may be remembered by some of the older residents of Clowne.  I was about 4 years old when we moved to Southgate.  Mother stayed there after Dad died in 1951 and later moved to Clowne.  Initially she lived in a flat but later moved to Salvin Crescent.  Grand-dad Carlin moved in with her until he died on 21June 1963. Mother lived there until the late 1980s, and died in 1997 in Bircotes.  She was buried in Barlborough on 24 October 1997 (which would have been her 90th birthday). I remember her neighbours in Salvin Crescent were Ashley family on one side and and Malin family on the other. Both old Clowne family names.

I left Southgate in 1950 to join the RAF. Reading through your interesting site brought back many memories for me.  I was a member of the Clowne St Johns Ambulance Cadets for about five years and took part in several competitions.  Our tutors were Mr Wilson who lived on North Road and Mr Gethin.

 On many occasions I recall cycling, sometimes walking, to Dougie Rattues to change the accumulator for our wireless. When I came home on leave I would call in and have a chat with him. Going to the Palace on Saturday mornings for the matinee was another memory.  Dad and I almost always went there when there was a western showing in an evening.  Living in Whitwell Parish meant that I had to attend Whitwell school, so I have little knowledge of the education facilities in Clowne.  Shirebrook (Langwith Road) was my secondary school and one of my chums there was Terry Richardson (although a bit younger than me). We both have memories of summer camps in Robin Hoods Bay, and we still keep in contact.  I also recall going to the annual agricultural show which was held off Rotherham Road.

During WWII my father was a member of the ARP (Whitwell) and FAP (Clowne).  I have photographs of the FAP group in my collection.

Reading through the feedbacks, I havent seen any mention of Southgate House prior to it becoming a hotel with the nurseries in the surrounding area. During WWII it was a British Army camp and towards the end of the war it housed German POWs following by Italian POWs.  The Germans came from Albuquerque (USA) where they were taken following their capture by the Americans. They came to Southgate awaiting repatriation.  My family became friendly with two of them who worked with my dad at Welbeck (in the tunnels).  My sister and I used to go to the cinema on the camp every Wednesday when invariably films starring Dianna Durban were showing!

Following the closure of the camp around 1946/47 the squatters moved into the Nissan huts because of the lack of accommodation in the area. The huts were eventually modernised by the local council.  Fred Palmer and his family was one of the first to move in there.  Fred was employed as an AA man and rode a motor bike and sidecar when on duty.  Im sure people must recall seeing him.  The family late moved into accommodation off Creswell Road. It would be interesting to here from anyone who knew the family.

Derek Bower



Margaret Price

Comments:  My mother was born in clown and is still with us aged 92, she was thrilled when I showed her your wonderful web site,she moved away from Clown when she was 9 yrs old and has lived in dorset for 50 yrs. If anyone remembers the Morris family we would be thrilled to hear from you she had 5 siblins, George, Jack, Dorothy, Ivy and Beatie dorothy worked in Porters newsagent Clown around 1920 and her dads brother was a manager at the pit his name was George and had daughters Lilly, Kathleen and Mabel, I hope this rings bells for somebody it would be marvelous to find any relations, thank you for letting us use your web site.

kind regards,

My email address:



Name: Tom Robertshaw

Comments:  I am enquiring about a watchmakers, W H Cross.My grandfather was given a gold pocket watch early 1900s it has the name W H Cross Clowne inscribed inside. Can anyone enlighten me more ?

My email address:



Val Wood

Comments:          What a fantastic web site. I was looking for some relatives of mine that lived in Pit Row in 1901 (Lee) and came across this. Nice to see all the photos.

My email address:


Sandra Mellor(knowles)


remember Geoff and Mavis Knowles who were members of the Clowne Natural History Group for some time in the 1980,s before they came to join us in South Africa in 1992. Unfortunately,Geoff died 2 years ago at the age of 89 and Mavis is still with us and 89 next week. Have you got a website for Rita Mellor(our namesake)as she is interested in some mementoes we have from my wifes grandad(Lewis Adams)   ex Grey Street from the first World War  We have lots of recollections of Clowne from the 1950,s and 1960,s.  PLEASE KEEP IN TOUCH. REGARDS MIKE AND SANDRA MELLOR  

My contact details:


Linda Haviland
subject: TAYLORS
comment: You never know who you'll connect with on the internet. My great-grandfather, John Taylor, was born in Clowne in October, 1851, son of George and Mary(Taylor)Taylor. Although they didn't stay there, emigrating to the U.S. with their family in 1867, I really enjoyed viewing your pictures and reading about Clowne, although I live in Bristol, Connecticut U.S.A. John Taylor's son Grant/Fredrick Taylor, was the Grandfather I never met, as he died before I was born (in 1947), so researching about my mother's family is poignant and enlightening for me. I did learn what a "collier" meant, too! Thank-you for your nice website. Feel free to check out my town of Bristol, Connecticut anytime..Linda H.




Peter Smith

My Comments: As an ex- pat of Clowne I really enjoy your web site. One thing missing seems to be the history of sport in the village. Just after the ww2 football was played on the Clowne Town ground adjacent to North Road with access via Salvin Crescent.Names I remmember were Jimmy Braddow and Colin Womble. Keith Heavey and Brian Ashley played for Clowne Athletic and for professional clubs.

I am sure that cricket has not always been played on Mansfield road or has it?

It was rumoured that it, the ground was left to the village but when was that and who bequeathed it? Who owns it now? Pre war I remember talk of players like Arthur Seston,Reg and Ralph Wilde, Jim Lewis and I worked with a retiree in circa1956, Albert Fullwood who also claimed he was a spin bowler in the 'twentys.

Could an Hall of Fame be started that registers notable acheivments by persons being born and bred or having lived in Clowne

Kindest regards

Peter Smith

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Stephen Peek

My Comments: what a wonderful site this is as other people have said many a happy hour to be spent browsing this site.

does anyone have any pictures of evacuees arriving in clowne as my dad raymond peek (peeky)was one and i would love some pictures keep up the good work thanks to all who have contributed.

My contact details:


Linda Pearson

My Comments: i lived down monkey park[mount pleasan] untill i was 15 with my 2 brothers chris and david , we had a very happy childhood , my mum and dad were bill and mary green.we were homesick for a long time when we moved. i have now got 6 children and i tell them about our happy times down monkey park all the time.Remember eamon killawee, carol tuckwood,woodcocks,hardwicks and loads of others..can anyone else remember living there? if so i would like to here from you.  

  My contact details:



Susan Joyce
subject: The Coach and Horses Inn, High Street, Clowne
comment: My Great Grandfather was the  Inn Keeper of the above public House in 1911 along with 9 children living at the pub and a further two (we believe) in service in one of the large houses in the village.  Does anyone have any information on the Inn or my Great Grandparents George and Anna Woolley.  The names of the children are: George William, Arthur Edward, Charles Peter, Mary Jane, Sarah Elizabeth, Lily May, Eliza Ann, Olive Angelina, Ethel Ann, Archie Herbert, Joseph Almm.  Many thanks.



Brian Waller
subject: Family History
comment: Looking for any descendants of the WELLS family from Clowne - Eckington - Mosbro - Whitwell in the early 1800's.



Kate Hall

My Comments: I came across the site whilst searching my mother's family. I think it is a great resouce - well done to all concerned!

I wondered if anyone remembers any of my family members.... My grandmother GRACE EDWARDS was child of THOMAS AND HARRIET HUMPHREYS who lived in one on the miners' cottages on Cresswell Road (c.1900). She married EDWARD EDWARDS (miner, died 1948). They lived at 132 BOUGHTON LANE. Their children were GRACE (a teacher at Eckington Camm's school, married Arnold Hinde and died (Clowne)1989), JACK (taught Clowne technical college) and my mother, ESME, who is now 84yrs and living in Warrington. I am sure that she would enjoy the chance to learn of anyone from days gone by!

My contact details:



Steve Morse

subject: Clowne War Memorial/ Norman Butcher
comment: Hello
I am in the process of writing about Norman Butcher's letters in
WW1 and his time with 1st Bn Sherwood Foresters.  I was wondering if anything had been published on the Clowne War memorial? I believe that at least one of my 9th Bn Sherwood Forester men also came from Clowne.

Best Wishes
Steve Morse




Dot Marshall (nee Uphill)

My Comments: Hi everyone in Clowne, I have been meaning to put a message here since I discovered the site a month or so ago.  I think its fantastic and it brought back many happy memories as I read through other peoples comments.  I remember you Trevor Hupton and many of the people you mentioned - I too was born 1950 and grew up in Clowne and left when I married and moved to Australia in 1973 for a 2 year working holiday !!  Went to all the schools and left Boughton Lane in 1966 as a fully fledged shorthand typist thanks to Miss Booth.  Mr Dodds thought Id be okay as a teacher but I didnt fancy it.  I put a message on the 56mix site as I thought I recognised a playmate and was right “ I lived on Portland Street, my Mum & Dad had the corner shop there “ UPHILLS and Rob Jackson contacted me.  It was great to hear from him and we'll keep in touch.  My elder brother Brinley lives in Matlock and my younger sister Judy lives in Nottingham.  People thought my Dad was well off as he had the shop but half the time he spent hiding up the garden path when Suppliers came for their money !  He was too generous to be a business man.  He taught lots of people to drive for free and once won a bit of money on the pools so stuck £5 notes on the shop window and anyone who noticed could have one “ nobody noticed so he had to tell them !  I too remember well the chip shop on Neale St when we had to stand in line for fresh chips for our 3d mixes “ lovely.  Maybe its romantic but dont seem to be able to get them as good now.  Newtons were okay too “ used to get them there when we visited my auntie Nellie and uncle John Richardson who had the cake shop on Mill St opposite the Mill and Mill Yard and next door to Bottoms butchers.  Cheryl North lived close.  Other playmates were John Wale, the Jacksons, Marilyn Adams, Christine Proffit, Maureen & Rita Fell.  My best mates from school and still are, Barbara Blakemore, Colleen Inger and Linda Parr-other friends Im still in contact with Lynne Moody, Denise Clarke (Barlborough).  When we visit the UK we always visit them and Portland St then drive around Clowne which makes me happy and sad at the same time.  Used to love going down the Gripps and the Craggs with my playmates and cooking chips in John Wale's old chalk tin - the potato and lard came from our shop - it's a wonder we never caused a serious fire !  Who'd have thought we would have to pay now to visit Creswell Craggs.  From 13 to 16ish we raved at Barlborough Youth Club where Joe Cocker first sang Marjorine to us just before it was released.  We also used to have 6d pocket money to go to the pictures to see Batman every Saturday so we had 3d to spend on whatever.  I remember well all the teachers mentioned and had a crush on Alan MacMillian (like most girls) and Linda and I used to babysit for him and Sheila later on.  Used to love going to the fairground when the feast came.  I remember lots of people from my class at school:  Anne Hopkinson, Susan Heavey, Susan Green, Lester (and David) Lee, the Brough twins, John Milner, David Taylor, Virginia Rose, Andrew Dodds, Nigel Ratture, Peter Blakemore, Kevin Inger, Tony & Dennis Stubbins, Terry Davis, Trevor Wragg.  We used to frequent the pubs in Barlborough and of course the Travellers Rest.

Congratulations to all in Clowne who started and are keeping this site going;  its well done and Im sure brings tears to the eyes of Clowneites around the globe.  Id be happy to hear from anyone who remembers me....Dot

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Sue Kidd

My Comments: Although I have no association with Clowne, I was really interested in Linda Purdy's recollections of the telephone exchange. I also lived in a GPO telephone exchange in Kent as a child in the 1950s as my Mum was the caretaker operator. I have made a start writing my memories of that time but there seems very few accounts of these institutions. I would love to share some recollections with her

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Malcolm Essex

My Comments: Hello.  My wife and I have discovered a commemorate medal saying.." To commemorate the visit of their majesties the King and Queen to the Clowne Rural District June 25th 1914 S. Evans Esq. J. P. Chairman"  The main side of the medal shows the King and Queen and reads "Mary Queen Consort and King George V".  It has a red white Blue ribbon and safety pin.  The king was in Nottinghamshire in late June and World War I broke out on June 28th 1914, only three days after this visit. 

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Geoff Taylor

My father was Frank TAYLOR, Born 12th May 1919. He lived at Holly Cottages, Mill Yard in Clowne. He left school at 14 and went to work in a nearby pit, I believe it was called Creswell. He joined the Grenadier Guards in 1938 and subsequently went through the war in Europe. After the war he married and settled in Wiltshire until he died. His mother and father are buried in your churchyard somewhere in the village. He loved his Clowne. He never lost his accent and used to talk of how close everyone was and how friendly and helpful.

One day I will come and have a good look around.

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Sue Milner

My Comments: I am not really giving feedback,more seeking information.  Has anyone any information or photos relating to Cliff House on Cliff Hill.  It has been a care home for about 40 to 50 years but what was it before that?  Who lived there?  It was built in 1803 - we have a stone above the doorway engraved with the date.  We do know that it used to be a private house.  Any info would be much appreciated.

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Sue Milner

My Comments: This is an excellent site, really interesting.  On reflection, I think as a village we didn't appreciate what we really had until it was all gone.  I was born in Newcastle but have lived on Boughton Lane since 1962 when I was 3.  When I got married we bought a house further up the lane, so didn't move far.  When I was little we didn't even have buses coming up Boughton Lane, we had to walk down the stumps and catch a bus on Station Hill to go to Creswell.  I went to Creswell Infants and Juniors and then to Boughton Lane Secondary.  At that time Clowne had all the shops you could want - Miss Hanford's post office, Rattues toy shop, Jimmy Jarvis's barbers, a bookies.  The cop-op, a cobblers, bakers, the bee-hive wool shop, veg shops and loads of butchers.  An electrical shop, English's furniture shop, Blatherwick and Grandidge's chemist, Mennell's clothes shop where you got your school uniform.   The bus garage, the youth club - many happy hours spent there.  I bought my first record from the post office when it moved to Melbournes.  We had Davenports off licence, Kendalls sweet shop, Thompsons paper shop.  We had the sort of village people of today desire to live in but what have we got left TESCO!!


Can anyone remember Dr Smart and Dr Knowles?  Their surgery used to be at the big house on church lane.  Friday nights was dance night at the Church Hall.  We had yearly Galas and Steam Engine Rallys.  I used to be in the dolly belles too.  I am related to the Coolings and Wells of clowne.

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Chris Marshall

My Comments: My father, willaim sandom marshall was born at 112 northroad, 1928, which was the butchers, brothers john and keith, sister betty. their father was john and his grand father was william.

I'll add more after i've spoken to bill, my father.

Feel free to reply or email me with any memories, facts, i'm sure my dad will find them very interesting

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Corina: Batty

subject: skelton familycomment: To Jane Nolan with regards to the skelton family .my grandad was charles richard skelton and from what my dad has told me he was keith skelton's cousin if you want any more information i'll be happy to pass it onto to you  corina [nee skelton]




Carole Medd (was womble)

subject: sarah alice womble
comment: Hi we seem to share the same surname and since i have just started to serch my family tree I would be interested in hearing from you as my dad Thomas Womble born 1918 and his dad also Thomas Womble born 1987 both lived in Clowne. If there is anyone who remembers any member of the Womble family I would love to hear from you. carole





My Comments: Hi i was born at 17 Hollin Rd Clowne in 1961. I remember living next door to Mrs Hepplewhite and having to walk all the way up the lane to catch a bus to Spinkhill school.I also remember walks to the Gripps via the farm across the road. My family emigrated to Australia in 1969. My dad was Vincent Walker and my mum Peggy Walker, i have 2 sisters Margaret and Pat and a brother Phil.

I am interested in hearing from anyone who remembers my family.

Marie Walker



Tony Platts

My Comments: I am trying to trace my fathers brothers or their offspring.

My fathers name was Laurence Platts (Known as Larry). Born in Clowne in 1921. Played football for Nottingham Forest, Chesterfield and finaly Stockport County. In 1959 moved to Kent and became the manager of Deal Town Football Club.

Any feed back would be most welcome. Regards Tony Platts.



Name:  Susan Smith

My Comments: Hi

Brilliant website. 

I left Clowne in 1970 aged 18. My Grandparents were called Reville.  They lived on Church Lane.  My Grandad worked in the pit and after a pit accident (no compensation in those days!) he got a small business selling milk by pony and trap.  I believe he used to MC the local dances and had a lot to do with the local cricket club.  My Grandma was a teacher (Reville) - I think she is one of the teachers shown in your pictures - (All men teachers except one on bottom left row - in a stripe dress!). 

My mum moved into the flat above Hebden's shop - I think the lady who ran the shop was a relative of ours. 

I remember daily shopping in the street - (no fridges in those days). The first shop next to the school was a fruit shop, then the Betting shop. I worked in Cowells - the hardware shop next door - 6 days a week and the wage was £3.12/6.  Possibly the butchers and fishmongers next.  I remember having my satchel stitched at the cobblers!  The co-op - yes - was there a tube that they sent the money upstairs to - I do remember the divi day - and does anyone remember the green shield stamps?

The Cottage at the top of Gapsick Lane - if this is the right one it was lived in by my friend Beryl Beeston's parents?  I used to visit - no electricity - no toilets - there was a shed  (the small angle part of the building at the left) and inside was a seat with two holes in it - yes the toilet with newspaper on a nail.  At the front of it was an orchard - windfall apples were slightly sour!

I believe we went to Cleethorpes on the train on occasion.   I remember playing the 'Beetle' game - I think they were called literally 'Beetle Drives'? possibly in the Hut across from Clowne Tech.  I went to Clowne Tech to study a secretarial course.  I was really sorry to see it had disappeared. 

My children were both baptised back in Clowne Church by Rev. Lawrence Harris. 

Will post more memories as they come to mind.




Sylvia White

My Comments: hi i used to live @ 36 Hickinwood Lane Clowne, our neighbours were morris, keith john and david hunter carol and barry blakemore were close friends to us their mother edith who died at 48 years old was my mums best friend. barbara filds next door and jill asher was my best friend. I went to infant school miss dolby was my teacher she lived near bump mill pond. I was born 1951 left clowne when I was 7 years old to go and live at Staveley. My sister shirley brother graham went to boughton lane school my sister pat left junior school whe she was 10 years old. I remember barbara white barbara buxton michael white glynis pritchard who also lived clolse by. my sister used to go out with david seaman who played football with my brother graham. if anyone from infant school remembers me it would be nice to hear from you sylvia platts (white) My father was a miner at Whitwell colliery for 47 years my mothers name was catherine.


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Sandra Wyld (nee Pearce)

subject: Memories
comment: Congrats on such a brill site.  I have really enjoyed reading people's comments, even though I don't know many of them!!!  I was born in Clowne in 1956 on Wilson Avenue, where my parents still live.  I was so upset when I saw the pictures of the old school being demolished.  Another memory gone.  I had so many happy memories of the infant and junior schools.  Mrs Scatterrgood was my first teacher in the infants.  I remember meeting Miss Pickering's car in the morning, hoping to carry her bag into school - what a creep!  The junior school teachers I remember are Mr Isaacs, the best teacher I have EVER had, Mrs Jackson, I still remember the Kukaburra song she taught us, Mr Mosely who took us to the Lake District in 1968 for a week, poor man.  Mr Brown and his dreaded slipper!!  Mr Ford the headmaster whose dog, a dalmatian, we used to take a walk at dinner time until I got knocked down outside the school!!! 

After leaving the junior school I went to Netherthorpe Grammar and then to Clowne Tech for 2 years on a secretarial course.  I remember alot of people from my years at school, Clive Lowe,Paul West, Robert Lewis, Jill Turner, Ann Doncaster, Susan Proffitt, Gill Randall, Susan Lamb, Deborah Knowles, Pete Foye, Stuart Gray, Anthony Gray, Maria Cook (sadly no longer with us), Denis Atkin (also no longer with us), Pat Bell, Susan Cook, Susan Parrott, and many more.  I remember the old post office with Miss Hamford in charge, one very scary lady, the old Co-op, going upstairs with my mum once a year to collect her divi.
Mennells clothes shop, one side for men and one side for women.
The old Coach and Horses pub which I went in for the first and last time when I was about 14. Many a happy hour was spent taking bread and jam sandwiches and a bottle of water to the grips between Clowne and Creswell and spending all day down there. 

I would love to hear from anyone who went to school with me or who remembers me.  There doesn't seem to be anyone from our year on the website.




Marcia Beaumont-Smith
subject: Tidmarsh Family
comment: My fathers mother (my Grandma) was Emma Tidmarsh, born in Duckmanton, but moved to Clowne as a child, eventually married Herbert beaumont and lived in Huddersfield. She had the following brothers and sisters - Nelly, Thomas, Herbert, Alice, Joseph. Would love to get in touch with other Tidmarsh family members who may be researching this side of the family.

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Carole: Allen
subject: Rodes Cottages
comment: Does anyone remember Rhodes Cottages? Do they still exist?
My father was born at no 10 in 1908. He was Walter Owen Cooke sadly died a few years ago. He came from quite a large family. I have never been to Clowne and I  now live in New Zealand, but am thoroughly enjoying the web site. Congratulations. Keep up the good work

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Dave Beaumont
subject: Gareth Tidmarsh
comment: Hi gareth.
Re your info on Tidmarsh family in Clowne & Bolsover

Samuel Tidmarsh b1844 had three sons Herbert.b1867 Samuel b1876 and Thomas b1868.
Samuel senior died 1920 at 48 West lea Cottages of old age.
Herbert and Samuel junior we know all there history in clowne,Bolsover and Huddersfield,What we know nothing about is Thomas Tidmarsh or Titmarsh b1868 You could be a descentant of Thomas. We had never heard of before the 1881 census. and West Lea on Samuel b1844 death certificte. All new to our whole family in England,New zeland and Australia.If you can let us contact you through this website. We will update you.

Regards Tidmarsh,Rogers, Colclough and Beaumont families.



Jon Sambrook

subject: garage on station rd
comment: hi,in replay to sonia milne,i was born on station rd,in 1956,and grew up there,i remember george and else kenyon well,my dad used to keep his car in a lock up at the back of the garage,does anybody remember when they demolished,old willy allsops house in the late sixies we used to go in exploring,[as you do],we found dozens of cider casks and wierd shaped multi sided bottles under the floorboards,does anyone remember this..thanx.jon sambrrok




David: Beaumont
subject: Thank you
comment: I would like to thank the people of Clowne, Duckmanton, Bolsover and Shuttlewood. Also Rev'd Michael Champneys of Sutton Scaredade and Duckmanton parish, Rev'd J Pinder-Packard of Barlorourh parish. Also Special thanks the Clowne, Suttlewood and Bolsover POLICE Force for their kind contribution and advice.

Wayne Buck of Harthill, Allen Baily and Andy of clownevilliage website feedback,the Staff at Chesterfield Library and Matlock records office and Libary.! ALL in my quest to find the Birth years and burial site of My great granparents Samuel and Mary Tidmarsh. Special thanks to Listers Stonemasons and Clowne fire sevice. and Last The residents of Rhodes cottages and Jago Ave


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Karen Camer
subject: Hibbard family
comment: My grandmother was Phyllis Hibbard and lived in Clowne.
I expect sometime towards the end of the 19th century. Her mother was Eliza (I think). Does anyone have any family connections?



peter taylor
subject: anyone for a chat
comment: I was born in clowne on the 22 june 1942, I went to the local schools  I left clowne when I joined the RAF in 1960 went back a few times I often wonder what happened to all the people I went to school with, drop me a email or put a message in feedback

 Best Wishes to you all

Peter Taylor 




Sonia Milne
subject: Garage on Station Road
comment: Hi, I am researching my family tree and have hit a bit of a wall regarding my Great Aunt Elsie, she lived at Station Road until her death in the mid 80's I think her husband Eric ran a garage but for the life of me I do not know his second name....can anyone please help me? Thank you




Dave Beaumont
subject: Scotney Derbyshire 1901 census only family that name hope it helps
comment: Hi John Turner.
Nothing else on Scotney ..Rds Dave

da Scotney
Age: 23
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1878
Relation: Wife
Spouse's Name: Bernard
Gender: Female
Where born: Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Civil Parish: St Giles
Ecclesiastical parish: St Edmund
County/Island: Northamptonshire
Registration district: Northampton
Sub registration district: St Giles
ED, institution, or vessel: 38
Neighbors: View others on page
Household schedule number: 30
Household Members: Name Age
Ada Scotney 23
Bernard Scotney 24
Emily Scotney 30
Winifred C Scotney 3 months 



John Turner
subject: Scotney's
comment: Hi there, I have relatives by the Surname of Scotney.
Elderly relatives have told me of visiting a shop near Worksop which they ran. The only Scotney's I can find in the area for the right sort of time (early this century) were Charles and Daisy Scotney, who lived at 49 North Road, Clowne in 1915 when their son Charles Henry was born. Does anyone have memories of such a shop in Clowne - probably Grocery, or any records which would help.

Love the site by the way - well done to whoever keeps it up to date and looking good.


John Turner




John: Slater
subject: Clowne Juniour School
comment: Is there anyone out there old enough to remember some of the teachers from the now demolished school?  Mrs Wheeler, Mr Henderson, Mrs Bradley. Mrs Pogmore from the infants? Of course all remember Mr Isaacs and Mr Stamper. Mrs Wilks was the Headmistress at the time.




Kevin Williams
barton st + local railway
comment: happy growing up memories@ 30 barton street.- williams famliy-. anybody got any memories, early 60's of my grandparents, george & sarah? i would spend hours watching the trains from the bridge over the lower line, cross over past the allotments and follow the path into town. what was the name of the sweetshop at the end of the track? any pictures of bottom barton street and area upto and around station?



Chris Beaumont
subject: Joyce Colclough's old Lovely Clowne
comment: In regard to Connor and the mess of the old village.

Back in the 195/60's that 900year old church out in the country lanes surounding clowne, the walks over the fields to Vandykes garden centre. The old steam engines at the now long gone station. That old oak tree with a seat 360 ' round it near the garden center on the crossroads (Rotherham road) All gone.
Now plastic bags and gov intervention to resolve the problem of the platic bag (No anwser?? Er!!Yeh!! Paperbags) and Pa-pa!!!! The Horseless carriage and no horse muck for the grow clingfilmless veg.carried home in a paper bag then put on the compost to degrade.


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Chris Beaumont
subject: Robin Hood
comment: Does anybody know of the legend?? that Robin Hood lived in a stronghold camp in the old caves (where is takings from travers were hid?) that are in the Grips of Clowne and Cresswell crags. Using the A616 From Newark to Kirklees Hall, in yorkshire where is sister lived a nun and to robed from the rich travelers.



Richard Bingham
subject: George and Elizabeth Bingham 1765-1780
comment: Does anyone have any information on George and Elizabeth Bingham who lived in Clowne from 1765 onwards. Is Elizabeth buried locally? Any local school records of the time as they had several children. Any parish records that could show where they lived.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.




Glenn Warnes
subject: William James Warnes
comment: I was wondering if there is any mention of William Warnes 96681 on the town war memorial. Died 19/03/1916 and his wife Selina Hill lived at 39 Neale St Clowne, as per the CWGC details




David Blakemore
subject: Old Clowne Junior School
comment: Just looked at the pics of the old school being demolished....shame.
Who remembers being taught by Mr (Daddy) Isaacs who took the top class in late '50s - 60's, and Mr Stamper who kept a plimsol in his back pocket - and could whack your bum really hard with it.
He used to do magician's tricks at the Christmas tea in the Youth Hut which was up a lane opposite the school.



Sarah Alice Womble (was colclough)
subject: tidmarsh family
comment: just another branch to the tree! - i am Alice Tidmarsh's grandaughter -her son, john colclough's daughter (who is joyce's brother) I have 2 daughters',my eldest is also called Alice, after my Grandma.



Kate Thorlby-Coy
subject: Waterhouse Family Found ?
comment: I posted on your website last April asking for information regarding the Waterhouse family in Clowne.
Unfortunately I didn't get any replies, I did submit again but wasn't posted.However I have since found the famiy but with a different name !So I am now asking if anyone remember's the BALL family?
William (Bill), Emma, Charlotte, Ruby, Ethel, Mona, Sonny and Clarence (Clarry).Bill had only one leg and ran a coal carting business. I understand they lived in converted railway carriages.Any information would be great. Again thanks - this is a lovely website.



Connor Womble

subject: Clowne as whole
comment: I have very strong links with Clowne and it is something that has always been close to me. All this modernisation of clowne, all over, is just making it look a mess and is causing a lot of traffic around clowne. Over all Clowne's network of thin roads can not cope with all the traffic for poeple using Tesco, Wilkinsons and soon Aldi. It is a shambles, something needs to be done before something goes seriously wrong and it could be fatal. Before all these major retailors came along it was a nice thriveing village and everything was good.
You just had the spar and some little shops down high street and that was bliss. But now high sreet is being killed off. Even worse the old collage has just about gone and people that were taught there from who i have talked to feel sad and upset about it going. They are people that were taught there. What is Clowne coming to? something should be done for the sake of people in the years to be come. I would not be suprised if in about 100 years
it would go from town to a smal city. its a shambles.




Felicity Gregory (was wood)
subject: gareth tidmarsh info request
comment: i'm related to joyce colclough through my paternal grandfather frederick colclough wood.
i would be very interesting in new family information so i can pass it on to him thanks fliss



Ivan Davey
subject: Clowne
comment: I used to live at 39 Hickingwood Crecent I can remember the Ashley family as if it was yesterday. I used to go to school with Barbara and hang around with Colin. A lot of my childhood freinds used to live on the estate. Barry Yeats, Alan Grainger, Derek Furrier [Fuzz], Gale Inger, Chris Wragg Robert Smith, but to mention a few.I can remember Clowne when it was only a small village I used to play on the railway sideings, learned to fish at bumpmill pond, I also spent a lot of time helping out on Hickinwood farm with my dad Geoff Davey, the farm was owned by the Clark family. Sadly the village has changed beyond recognition in places and doesn,t have the same feel to it anymore This feedback page is like a breath of fresh air reading the memories from people who can remember what Clowne was like in the good old days




Christopher Beaumont

subject: Tidmarsh Ancestry ;Gareth's info Request! Family tree And info for Joyce Colcougth (Maiden name)
comment: Thomas 1806 as thought ?
Rrue info===Born 24Dec 1805 in Mancetter nr Atherstone next village to Hampton in Arden/Balsall area.

Still looking for the Exact date of his Father Thomas 1771 also his Dad.

Also there another tree researcher from Whitwell doing tids and the Colcought familes as well.



Lynda Greaves[ashley]

comment: Hi to Gary Davy and Keith Webster next door neighbours of Ashley's at 41 hickinwood cres What a stroll down memory lane The names of teachers not thought of for so many years does anyone remember george Ashley or as he was commonly known to everyone besides us as grandad who sold maggots and took fees at bumpmill pond It was my task after dinner every Sunday to take grandads dinner between two plates up to the pond for him then I got the task of selling the maggots if anybody wanted them while he was eating .I visit Clowne almost daily as I still have family there and have watched the new buildings going up.I was born on millyard and then lived on the green so watching tesco being built was strange I will look forward to hearing from anyone who remembers the Ashley family




David Beaumont

subject: Gareth Tidmarsh & Joyce Coclough (maiden name)
comment: Thomas Tid Born 1806's Dad Thomas b Thomas b1771 Ascot under Wychwood Oxfordshire and Mother Sarah Phoebe Tidarsh (Birth unknown

From David Beaumont huddersfield



Peter Smith

subject: Dr Robert Eastwood
comment: Dr Eastwood was in Clowne in the 50's and into the 60's and he succeeded Dr Hallam who lived on Mill Street@ what is now Eastwood House next to Breezes Chip shop and George Cowell's cobblers.I lived in Mill Yard at number 12 and higher up at Holly House now both buried under the Tesco car park.
I am grateful to Robert Eastwood he was a good family doctor but he also gave me good character references that took me on my career but unfortunately away from Clowne in 1962.I still come to the village regularly to see my brother Harry. Dr Eastwood did much to help villagers not only with their health but also with social and personal lives, he was quite a gent.
Dr Eastwood's wife was a Consultant at one of the Sheffield Hospitals and obviously did not get involved as much with the local people because of circumstances.They used to say theres more pass through it than stay in it but from this web site it seems there are friendly Clownes all over the globe now. What a wonderful way of bringing them altogether again. Keep writing in, it makes alot of people happy with fond memories of the old place.
Kindest Regards Peter


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Laurence Buckingham

subject: WW1 Family in Clowne
comment: My grandfather Frederick Walter Buckingham who served in the RFA as a Gunner in WW1 was from Clowne.He received the DCM.He later married my grandmother Nellie Jones.His brother was killed in action and his name was Jack Buckingham.I have the medals,discharge papers and photos of my grandparents when they were in their late twenties.Any information you can get for me re this matter would be appreciated.
Laurence Buckingham


ps listed this here it has been lost in system 12 month sorry about this


Giles Milner

subject: family history
comment: i'm looking into my family history and have found that my great grandfather and the previous three generations at least were born in Clowne. i'd be greatful to hear from anyone who knows about the milner family in clowne.





subject: Family History
comment: Am seeking information on my PLATTS family, particularly George Proctor PLATTS born Whitwell 1843, out of wedlock to Christiana PLATTS, she born Clowne 1818.
Have not found a connection to the middle name PROCTOR, possibly tied in to the well known PROCTOR Circus family.




Emma Watts

subject: Re: the doctors house-church street
comment: We are very interested in any history but particularly the name of the house and any photos. We know it was built in
1881 by Dr Magee then owned by Dr Knowles and then the Linleys -yep we are the 4th owners in over 100 yrs!
It seems to be affectionatley known as the doctors house - and some one said there used to be an annual wellie throwing competition for the village in the garden!
And there are rumours of a well!
I would love to see how the garden was  - especially as we seem to have found lots of building foundations in the garden.
any help please!




Steve Faulkner

subject: Clowne in General
comment: I have just spent the last 90minutes looking at something i never knew existed, its a fantastic look at times past and present, many pictures i remember well and i would like to congratulate one and all for there contributions to our villages website, Keep up the good work



John Slater

subject: Clowne Comp School
comment: I attended Clowne Comp. during the early 60's. Does anyone have knowledge of Mr Macmillan. He taught English. His wife, (nee Miss Smeaton) sent a group photo of the teaching staff to the Derbyshire Times this year. He was a real Gentleman. - P.s.  Very sad to read the letter from the son of Barry Blunt.




Fay Hardwick

subject: John Street
comment: Hi

Was waondering if anyone had any photos of John Street and the rows of terrace house where i grew up I am guessing they would have been demolised some 38yrs ago now my family lived in Clowne.

I have really enjoyed looking through your wenbsite which my neice introduced me to as she lives there with her young family and her son Lewis Fletcher is currently doing some scholl work based on Clowne.

Fantastic hope some more information comes up i will keep checking.




Marcus Turner

subject: re newtons
comment: can anyone remmember brian robert todd and phillip newton we used to knock about in the 6os



Peter Taylor

subject: notable date
comment:  Hello to you
To me a notable date is 22june 1942, it is the day I was born at 20 salvin crescent clowne just found your website, brought a tear to my eye thank you best regards peter taylor


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Ian Fletcher

subject: tidmarsh family-re david beaumont
comment: went to school and pal of roy tidmarsh until he got married and moved to scunthorpe believe he was plumber with scunthorpe council,does anyone know anything about roy ,would like to get in contact with him,if hes still around




Katy Brown

subject: Grenville Heathcote
comment: I have replied on here before,asking about any information anyone knew about my grandpa, grenville (gren) heathcote, born in 1933 and lived in clown. He moved to Bestwood Village, and then to Hucknall, after marrying my nan, June Bull.
He played football for Clown Tech. Anyone that knows him, i would love to hear from you.




David Beaumont
subject: Further Tidmash's in Clowne
comment: Spouce's

Joe Married Ann (No maiden name on her}.
Later Rebecca 2nd marriage.

Son Barry
3 Gran Kids
Tom Married Lilly
Kids Roy & Sandra.
Sandra married Cyril Turner 1962/3.
SADLY Lilly died of a heartattack two weeks before Sandra's Wedding aged 39.
Tom remarried a Madge 2nd marriage years later 1965.

Nelly tidmarsh married George Sharp.
Had 4 kids Betty she married a Geff
She had 3/4 Known
Michael,martin and Marion.
Nelly's 2nd Derek @  kids Unknown onthat 3rd Norman lives in Birkenhead $th Olive Married All I know on her
Alice Married a Sam who got killed  bike accident, Remarred John (JACK) Colcough1946 Had 2kids John and Joyce and live all her life in Mum & Dad Herbert & Polly Tidmarsh's house in Rhodes cottages ( Row) behind the fire station. Joyce maried had a girl'
Emma moved to
Huddersfield to work in domestic house work 1925 later 1939 married Herbert BEAUMONT.
Had 3 Sons Anthony (died 1947/8 Acciddent age 6) Born 1941--Peter born 1944 Still living Marreid Patrica Brennen 1964 Has 2 girls Karen born 1965,Married Richard Hudson Leeds 2006 Marcia born 1966 married Kevin Smith 1991 Hudds. have 3 kids. Arton ( Kev,s A racing driver.) Born 1995 Mika Born  1997 Emmerson born  2003 Now living Palmerston North, North island New Zeland.


Me 1950 .


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Wayne Evans

subject: Shop on boughton lane
comment: Just been looking on your website. FANTASTIC.I moved to Clowne 6 years ago, into what was the old tuck shop on Boughton lane(no 68).Can any one help with any pictures or history of the building as it is of great interest to me.




David Beaumont
subject: Tidmarsh family in Clowne
comment: From Joe Tidmarsh
 Bro Tom
 Sis Alice
 Sis Emma
 BRO Herbert Jr
 Sister Nelly
 Father Herbert BORN 1865
 died 1956
 Mother polly

Gradfather Samuel Born 1844

Grandmother Mary Great Grandfather Thomas Born 1806 Died 1865 Lived Clowne before Suttlewood before Blosover before Balsall nr Rugby


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David Beaumont
subject: Gareth Tidmarsh Request for info on his family tree.
comment: Surf for or Address to
There free info and subscibe info.
The Dale Rodges Family tree has lots of info on the Tidmarsh's free. Also all the B D & marrages etc and censuses 1901 to 1841 Then there's the Latter day saints free info site and many others out there.
Your granddad Joe and Great uncle Tom were Firemen for 22years in the village.

Hope this Help you

Your Dad was Barry ? or I have got the wrong Tidmarsh's ?
Anston spings to mind and Eccesfield.


Janet Steers

subject: School Days
comment: On looking at the photos in this section recently,I was amazed to see that on the very first one-taken at the old boys school-there is my dad and uncle! 3rd in from the bottom right is my uncle, Harold Edwards and directly above is my dad, Eric Edwards.I only found this photo myself after my mum died,4 years ago, and went through all the old photos which she had.Neither of them are with us any more I'm sad to say, but there they are as large as life for all to see! It made me feel very proud.


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Tim Setchell

subject: Rock Side Cottages
comment: My Grandad was born in No 111 Rock Side Cottages in
1904 his father Thomas William Setchell was a railway inspector are these cottages still standing. Does anybody have any photo's or information.



Richard Bingham

subject: Family research
comment: I have just returned from travelling round your area with my son and was so impressed by how friendly and helpful everyone was especially in the library where the ladies were so eager to help.
I am researching my family's past and they lived in Clowne for many years.  I have a George Bingham born Clowne in 1734, a George Bingham born Clowne 1767 and others of their familes who may have descendants still living locally.
My main interest at present is to trace the details of my ggggGrandfather (who was 70 at the time) who lived in Clowne and was murdered on his way back from a pub in Barlborough on 6th March 1803. He was murdered by a William Wells, a native of Barlborough, who was hung in 18th March 1803 for the murder. All for 5/- in his pocket.
I have read the local Derby Mercury reports but they are very schetchy.  I am hoping that someone  locally may be able to provide more information about the event.
Wishing you well with your excellent web site.
Richard Bingham




Nick Corker
subject: corkers/revills
comment: Just found your web site and decided to have a look.My interest in Clowne is down to family tree research as the Corker branch i'm tracing were in the village from about 1780-1900.Well laid out and informative site,thanks.........
   Mr N Corker


p.s this feedback got lost in the system and should have been listed 02/02/07


Alan Harper
subject: past places
comment: Does anyone remenber the old gas works at the bottom of brooke hill.My uncle eric gascoingne worked there when I was living with my grandmother Mrs Hilda Fenton at 13 barton street in the 1960's The old coal heap was opposite us and it was bought out and leveled by a lorry firm called peppers.



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Jan Walker (nee meeres)

subject: Born in Clowne 1951
comment: Born in the back bedroom at 39 Brook Hill, where my grandparents resided Thomas and Ellen Naughton, my parents who lived at 13 Gray Street are Mr and Mrs. Eric and Hazel Meeres.
Just visited the village after many many years as grandparents house up for sale. Remember many happy times, am presently writing memoirs about the times spent there. Attended Spinkhill Infant and Junior (Catholic)and then on in 1962 to Boughton Lane. Can't remember many schoolfriends except a David Dorricott? who i had a crush on, he was a good athlete if a remember and i'm sure was to pursue this. Do you remember the science teacher who always through chalk at us girls on the back rows, every time. Mr. MacMillan the dreamy English teacher. Mr.
Bamford, and Mr. Thorne my favourite teachers. Miss Prostovich the needlework teacher. Miss.Wilde the english teacher who lived on Regent St. Mr. Dodds the Head. A great school but i left in 1966 to move to Chesterfield.




Bill Crookston

subject: The Cross
comment: It was good to see the symbolic heart back in the village. I must call at night the next time I'm in the village to get the full effect of the Cross Illuminated.  Well done to all concerned. 




Christine Ward

subject: Jackie Owen. nee Taylor.
comment: Jackie,Saw you on this fantastic site and wondered if you might be a descendant of our Ann (Annie) Taylor born
1874 to William Taylor and Anne nee Cooke.Annie married Henry Ward at Hollin Hill Farm aged only 19, Henry 63. They had five children in 5 years and ten months, Icey, Sam, Alyn, Vincie and Connie. Have lots of information. Henry died aged 68, his father was William Ward, Maltster. Would love a message from anyone.
From Christine Ward. Fantastic




Barry Wiggins

subject: Jarvis

My great grandad worked down oxcroft pit.  He died in a snow storm coming home down oxcroft lane think early 1900's.  My grandad moved to doncaster where he worked in a local pit until retirement and his death in the 1960's.  He had a big family and wonder if anyone has any links...?




Stephen Mather

subject: Old Cross
Ben and myself are putting in the ducting and sockets for the four
lights that will illuminate the cross.There will also be additional stone paving and bollards. Working on the highways does not always make us popular (speed humps for example).It is a pleasure to work on a job with no negative
feedback for a change.

P.S This is a link steve sent me some time ago to his site I am also working on a section about the cross but have not had much time lately.


Laurence Buckingham

comment: Hello there. I am currently doing research on my Grandfather who at the age of 19 lived in Clowne.He was enlisted in the RFA as a gunner and served in Ypres. Survived both wars and passed away in 1976. Got the DCM which i have plus the King George signed certificate and papers. His name is Frederick Buckingham and also had a brother called Jack who fell in the Somme.His father was called Walter. Could you advise please if there are any other surviving Buckinghams in Clowne as i believe i may have unknown relatives. Many thanks.
Laurence (aged 43)




Paul Orwin

subject: Re David Graham's comments
David's message didn't have a date on it but I came across the site when just wandering on the net today so I thought I'd reply as he mentioned me.I remember David and his parents & most of the names & places David mentioned including living on East Street.I remember a lot of the names from the other messages too - must be getting old. The girls David mentions from East Street were Patterson if I remember right.We live in Queensland Australia. My mum Joyce Orwin is still alive and lives in Melbourne.I have got some old 8mm cine films that my dad George used to take if anyone remembers that. I am trying to find a way to get them onto DVD.One of the short films is when it snowed heavily and a snowball fight involving me and brother Malcolm (he was killed in a car accident in the mid 70s near Melbourne) and some other kids from East Street around the side of the Co-Op/Kehoe's shop building.This was probably in a very cold winter in the early 1960's. One kid might well be David. It is hard to get a projector to show them now but it's one of those things we will get around to eventually to get all of them put on DVD. David, would you be interested in a copy of the snowballing one if I can arrange it?


Paul Orwin Queensland Australia




kelly Allfree

subject: allfrees
comment: my family have lived in clowne all theie lives my grandma and grandad jean and norman allfree they had 5 children kathleen who is my mum brian richard keith and julie they lived on hickingwood cresent as children and my grandma still lives there before that they lived across from the welfare in a bungalow i think which is no longer there can anyone remember them or have any stories as they were always getting into trouble a lot of you will probably remember my grandad norman allfree who sadly passed away 13 years ago as he was very well known in clowne




Margaret Fisher

subject: Sturgess Butcher's Shop
comment: I have recently discovered the Clownes website and am extremely impressed with the amount of information on it.  There is a photo of Sturgess Butcher's Shop on the site with a family outside - I was wondering whether that is the Sturgess family and when the photo was taken.  Charlotte Sturgess - Thomas Sturgess's first wife - is one of my ancestors.  She was the great niece of my gx3grandmother - quite a distance from me, but still there!! Any information would be much appreciated.




Annette Shacklock

subject: family tree
comment: visited this site while tracing my family tree and think its 'cracking'.Enjoyed especialy the 'now and then'photos.Also found what i was looking for so happy. Many thanks to all concerned.


Diane Wolf

subject: Clowne
comment: My mother Lily Anita Atkin was born in Clowne (now 81) and it's glorious to see the ancient perhaps romany/jewish heritage there. I adore the music on this site and wonder if you could tell me what it is so I can purchase it for myself in Canada. Congrats on a lovely site it makes me feel like visiting and seeing all the buildings. Don't knock them down! Best wishes,
Diane Wolf
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Diane Wolf

sutbject: Your Music for the site
comment: I was wondering if you could email me with the title of the music you've used for this site and the recording. My mother was born in Clowne in 1925 to the Atkin/Twigdon family and this site is so nice for me to see as I have not had the opportunity to visit Clowne. Many thanks, Best wishes, Diane Wolf



Kate Thorlby-Coy

subject: Waterhouse Family History
comment: I'm trying to find out about my father's family who settled in Clowne sometime before 1909 - not sure exactly when.
Grandfather's name was WILLIAM WATERHOUSE, known as BILL, Grandmother was EMMA. They died in 1934 and 1935 respectively and are buried in St John's graveyard along with their daughter Ethel.

I think at the time of their deaths they lived on King Street.

They had 8 children, 6 girls and 2 boys. My father and his older brother were born in clowne.

William ran a coal carting business and had one leg. I would be grateful if anyone has ANY information at all. I've successfully traced Grandmothers family but can't get to grips with William's!




Alan Harper
subject: memories of clowne
comment: I lived in clowne from 1955 til 1964 and went to the junior school then boughton lane secondary.I lived with my grandmother and her family first in salvin crescent then in barton street. I remember kids like kieth fox, michael juravizc,carol breeze, and cynthia hudson who lived next door to us in salvin crescent.



Josep Turns
subject: Miss Edwards
Gday everyoneIm looking for anyone that new a miss edwards.  She was presented with a mantal clock in 1956 from the officls and workmen. Please email me with any info you may have. thanks


Roanald V Presswood

subject: Old Clowne Telephone Exchange
I knew Linda Purdy very well and thoroughly enjoyed reading her excellent history of the Old Clowne Telephone Exchange, which brought back some very vivid memories for me also. As someone who is particulary interested in local history and passionately believes that history does matter I am providing some additional information about the exchange numbers.Hopfully, this will encourage others to fill in other missing gaps or correct any percieved errors.
24/03/07 p.s numbers have been added to list and marked with Rp

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Billy Revill
subject: family still in clowne
comment: hi my name is rev (nickname) i would like to know if there are any family`s named revill still living in clowne my great great grandfather came from clowne and some of his family are named in the 1851 census i am creating a family tree and have traced a frances revill to clowne he was born in 1622 if anyone has any information about the revill family in or from clowne i would love to hear from you
please. 17/02/07



Trevor Hupton
subject: Good times
comment: I was born in Clowne in 1950. I went to the infants,the juniors and finally Boughton Lane as it was called then. I had a great childhood in Clowne. I can agree with Garry Davey going to the cinema on Saturdays with sixpence in my pocket that got me into the pictures and left me with spare money. Playing football on the grass at the side of the chip shop at the top of Neale Street (my street) waiting for your threepenny mix. Picking sweets in Kendalls with the butchers next door. Looking in Towndrows window at all the tellys and going in to buy records. Buying 5 Parkdrive cigs and four matches in our uniform from the little shop next door, for the walk to school up the stumps to Boughton Lane. Jumping the Biology pond at school and Steven Stanton falling in it. Well I better stop before I get completely carried away. It was a proper village atmosphere then most people knew each other. It is a good web site and long may it run.


Eamonn Killawee

first memories are living down monkey park,28 mount plesent and then on to mansfield road after the forgoten people of clowne were moved,remember the headline in the derbyshire times?.Also remember the old fair ground on CLOWNE WRECK and also spending many hours at the youth club on church lane.As i got older spent alot of time at the boxing club first upstaires at the Boden arms (remember the monkey)? then in a building behined the Nags Head.also fond memories of alot of old friends in the village ie tuti goodall,johnny ball,dave ball,gary orwin and many more.Would be pleased to hear from anyone who knowes me.Now living in mansfield.

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Dorothy Imray ( Buxton ) When l was driving for Bowskills l used to use Renshaws shop window to see any on coming traffic. When l was a girl we had many a happy time down bumpmill pond , l remember one winter when the pond froze ,but , one of the Smiths brothers fell through the ice . l remember walking home from school one day and stopped to watch the pit chimney being brought down.We all stood in front of the bus garage to watch.l have lots of happy memories of clowne and enjoy going down memory lane with friends both in the uk and australia.Thanks for an enjoyable site .
Bill Hopkinson Hi,I am from Clowne,used to live at 55 north rd,born 23 king st,now in melbourne australia, I must commend you on your efforts to preserve whats left of the old place,it is a great pleasure to go to your website and look on the pictures of old Clowne,I was most interested in the ones refering to the new tesco and the clearing of the required land and what about the old well under Renshaws shop.who would have beleived it!!!,we will be in Clowne next year,about august,once again,many thanks for the memory lane,great job,even the background brings back school day memories,Bill Hopkinson.
Tony Stanton Having left Clowne for 30 years it was so good to lookback on the history and changes and also new developments. I was born in Clowne.I was born in Neale Street, My father Edgar Stanton had a small holding and a travelling green grocery round.My father sold his property for land development to a housing company.
Terry Johnson Born 21 hollin hill clowne 1946 great place to grow up back then left boughton lane school 1961 , in 1974 moved zealand .still living here onwest coast of the north island love to here from anyone of that time frame regard,s terry.
Peter Robinson Having been educatedin Clowne and lived there for 3 years when I was first married I found your site bringing back old memories. I am a former pupil of the old Boughton Lane school from 1963 to 1971. In the pictures of the old teachers I recognise Ralph Wild my old Tech Drawing teacher and Harry Colbourne my maths teacher. I lived for a while opposite Harry Colbourne at the top of Rotherham Road. It was interesting to see that Clowne now has one of the main supermarkets in the town, Tescos. Correct me if I'm wrong but the location seems to be on the site of the old Holly Cottages. On eof the pictures in the Tesco - start to finish gallery has me a little confused as to it's location. It's the one with the white building which is obviously a pub with an ambulance passing. In the foreground there seems to be an old railway tunnel being exposed during the excavations. What is the name of the pub? Walking down the stumps to go to woodwork and metalwork classes. All the old teachers - Ralph Wild, Alice Unwin, John(?) Dodds the Headmaster, Noel Sabin (metalwork), George Crookes (woodwork) I remember them well. Sunday nights in the Angel and waiting for the last bus home to Whitwell at the bus garage on Cresswell Road opposite the Meridian factory. Happy Days
Trevor Smith I lived in Clowne from 1941 to 1966, when it was commonly spelt without an "E" at the end. My ancestors had lived in Clowne for at least 5 generations and I believe that my great uncle John Turner was the first car owner. One of my granddad's was a builder, living in Rotherham rd. and my other (both called "Smith") was a coal merchant and carrier when I was young. He used to fetch the Sunday newspapers from Chesterfield station at one time, and used his lorry to move our furniture when we moved house.
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Emily Howard Clowne. Wonderful little place, have so many happy memories there. I really do! All the days sat in the pub when I was only 15! It was great! Should have been working though. If anyone can remember Edna Everage, I would be so greatful if you could contact me. Wasn't she a blast! If you knew her or remember her please let me know how shes doing! Right off now! I'm off to roast the chicken, bye me ducks!
Barbara Collins I cant believe that the college which rampaged across part of Clowne, taking with it the old Barn and the cinema, has now decided to build on green field sites. I cant understand the people responsible for clowne.On a recent visit I was appalled, every bit of spare land seems to have sprouted houses. The Green is now a misnomer.
Barry Lindley As an "ex-pat",I retain an interest in the village, where I was brought up. Although I am now, located in Leicestershire, I would like to offer my help.Having a healthy interest in Family and Local History, has led me to dig out some interesting facts, whilst researching Genealogy. Regards to all who know me.
Mollie Calow Memories of parades and war savings weeks during the war. Does any one else remember Miss Homes the infant teacher and my friend Mrs Iris Hardy
Louise Sharpe Very interesting website! Do you remember any Taylors or Russells in Clowne? My granddad Harry Taylor was born on Ringer Lane in 1901. He moved to Eastwood. His parents were Arthur Taylor and Mary Russell. Arthur was the local builder. I believe he built many of the buildings in clowne. I wondered if anybody has any photos because I am trying to do my family tree. thankyou
June James (syson) I remember the old picture palace i went there three times a week as the film changed that many times i remember freddie mangam he had something wrong with his foot and we could hear him coming to tell us off he would shine a light on us but we sat perfectly still till he was gone.we also went to the saturday matinee to see flash gordon etc. the times i came home with spearmint in my hair those where the days. i can remember edgar and iris stanton i worked for iris on her milk round. i live in mansfield now but go back to clowne every week to see my mum so i keep in touch with one or two people.
Dorothy Imray ( Buxton ) Mollie Calow asked if anyone remembers Miss Holmes The infant teacher , l remember her very well she lived in one of the cottages just before you went down the passage to go over the iron bridge , l can see her now in her purple dress and black cardigan .l also remember Mrs hardy my favourite teacher was Mr Yates who took history and geography when l was at boughton lane school.It was good to see the photo of Terry Richardson on the site , l went to school with his sister Carol they lived on jubilee crescent he was always on his bike . l used to work at the travellers at the weekend for Alan and Agnes Crookes , lots of happy memories of all the people who used to go in there.
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Michael Price I lived in Clowne from 1956 to 1969, worked at Oxcroft Colliery and was married to Hazel Candlin. We went to Australia in 1977 todate, our 2 boys and daughter are all married and we have 8 grandkids.Have really enjoyed looking at all the old places. Well done. Best regards Mike & Hazel Price & family.
Jackie Owen (nee) Taylor Lived and went to school at Clowne Secondary from 1970 - 1976. Any Taylors watching from Clowne Creswell or Whitwell. Would like to hear from all!
Jennifer Herron I am interested to know if there are still Faheys in clowne. my father was raised in mitchel street and his brother martin lived there all his life
Stephen French A great site! Well done. I was born in Clowne in 1959 and my grandparents Billy and May French lived on Cresswell Road for 40 odd years. I was fascinated by your home guard photos - is there any way of making the larger? My grandad was in the home guard and I am sure that he would be in those photos. cheers Steve
Gareth Tidmarsh Great web site!! My father was born in Clowne, and I believe his father Joseph Tidmarsh. I'm trying to trace my family tree back and wondered whether you knew of any information on the Tidmarsh family in Clowne, or where I should go to find information ?? I know some relatives came from the Bolsover area also, but info is sketchy... Can you help ??
Diane Wilson My Grandad was born at Clowne. I have a photo of him aged about 6 at the celebration of the royal visit. My Great Grandad was honoured for his work during the Clowne pit Disaster. His name was Ernest John Porter. I was born in Warsop and still have a great Aunt living in Creswell. If you are interested I can sort out the photo of my Grandad and send you a copy. Or I can tell you some more of the names from my family who were at Clowne.
Ian Rothwell I was born in 1964 at 33 Station Road to father Arthur and mother Doris. As a small child I remember playing on what used to be the old gasworks and wandering off down Hickinwood lane and through the woods between there and Van Dykes. I left Clowne in 1987 and now live in Somerset. My parents still live in the village. When visit these days I hardly recognise the place especially since Tesco's has been built. I used to visit Rattue's toy shop with my pocket money, I think I still owe Mr Rattue a shilling! I notice the sop is still there but seems to be closed. Does anyone know if Mrs Rattue is still alive?
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Stephen Rattue In reply to Ian Rothwell, Mrs Rattue is still alive and running the shop aged 83. There was an article about her and the shop in the Worksop Guardian on 25 November. I am sure she would still remember him and the shilling he owes her! Mr Rattue was my father's cousin and I came across this site on Google when researching my family's connections with the railways, having just retired from them myself in York. On the Railway page of the Village Gallery the Station Master in 1920 is my great uncle, Walter David Rattue, father of the shopkeeper Walter Douglas Rattue, and it was he who brought the family to Clowne when the Midland Railway moved him there from Worcestershire. I have a copy of this photo and the station sign above the bench on the left spells Clown without the e, so the caption is wrong!

email address:

Jane Nolan Does anybody remember the Skelton Family, my Grandmother Annie Gertrude (nee Machin) and Grandfather Fredrick (Fred) Skelton lived on Crown Street when I was little. My Grandfather's family lived at The Workmens Club House in 1881, but by the time Fred is 9 years old the family are living on Ringer Lane. My mother Gwen Ellis (nee Skelton) lived in Clowne till she was 16 then went to live with relatives in Sheffield. She played the organ in the Church as a young girl, she had a sister named Peggy (deceased) and a brother Keith Skelton who is still in the Chesterfield area. I would be very interested to hear from anyone who can give me more information about either the Skelton's or the Machin family as I am very activly involved in family research, I have a few memories of Clowne and remember my Gran's neighbours Gordon Flude and family.
Terry Johnson ref Jane Nolan on your site she asked about a Gordon Flude when was at Boughton Lane 1957-61 the village bobby was Sgt Flude(we pronounced it Fludy)if that's of any help. Terry
Susan Brown Dear Andy, I have just spent a very pleasant afternoon visiting your web site which I only found out about when I was talking to Christine in Redferns Butchers this morning. To see some of the pictures that reminded me of how Clowne used to be when I was a child brought back some good memories, like the picture of Newtons shop that used to be next to the Chapel were I used go to Sunday School, and where I used to spend my three pence collection money on sweets instead of putting it in the collection….lol. I also have fond memories of my visits to Davenports as a child with my father to collect the beers and pop for the weekend and specially for Christmas, money was tight in them days and nights out at the pubs where rare. Do you remember the Bowden pub that used to be in Clowne I only have one thing that springs to mind about it and that was the monkey but that's a very vague memory. The Bowden used to be in Mill street, about where the Indian Take Away is now or there abouts. Then theres the old Post Office with Miss Bamford I think her name as I recall, a very large lady or she seemed so to a little girl at the time, I always felt a bit scared of her as I remember when I used to take my 2s/6p to put in my Post Office account with my mother. But what I think it brought back the most where the smells in the shops no pre packed stuff when I was a child, the smell of the large blocks of butter and lard and the rows of biscuits in the tubs with lids on in the Co op, and the Butchers at the end of the row with the sawdust on the floor. Also the steam trains and waving to the signal box man down Westlea so many memories, I'm only sorry I have no photos only lots of memories as a child growing up in Clowne and what a great place it was it's a shame sometimes that things have to change, but that's progress, but once again thanks for a trip down memory lane it was great and made me smile and laugh. Sue
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Tony (Mark) Harrower I grew up from the ages 2 - 8 in Clowne before emigrating to Australia in 1970. Lived in Hazel Villa 57 Grey St and attended Clowne Infant and Junior Schools. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who attended school at the same time.
Penny Vos-White Hi, I don't remember Clowne except being taken there by my Grandma and her telling me "Look thats where we used to live but the pits been gone a long time now". She was always very proud that her father John Whelpdale was Enginewright at the pit. He died quite young, very suddenly. My Grandma found him dead in the Engine room at the pit just before Christmas.She never forgot that which was understandable. I am looking for someone that may have known of Harold May who lived at Nr 70 High Street. If anyone knows of him or any surviving family please mail me. Thank you. At last through your foto's I have been able to see what the coliery was like before it was closed and demolished. Thanks. I am to be reached at :
Beryl Reynolds nee Milner What a great site me and my Husband have been looking at the photos most of the afternoon.The feedback site was most interesting It is lovely to see people who once lived here still taking an interest in the old Village.Yes I was born here and no doubt will end my days here would"nt want to move. Having lived in the village over 60 years if anyone wants any info I will be pleased to help if I can.P.S I can still recall many of the customers divi numbers from when I worked in the Coop.
Ruth Ives My great great grandad, Frank Allsop, had a sweet shop in clowne possibly on Cresswell road. Does anyone have any photos or information about the shop? Also my grandma Evelyn Allsop ran for Derbyshire schools in the late 1930's. Does anyone have any information?
My grandparents, John and Ruth Allsopp, lived in Clowne, on Rotherham Road for many years. John was of course a miner. My mother, Evelyn Gamble (nee Allsopp), ran for the County as a child just before the war. My great-grandfather, Frank Allsopp, had a sweet shop in Clowne up until the late 1940's or early 1950's. Does anyone remember the shop or my grandparents or mother? from Anne Marie Crowther (nee Gamble)
Pauline Browne Oh where do I start, first of all one name on your feed I remember from my childhood is June Syson although she is older then me I can recall the Clowne picture house and Freddy Mangham and Ebdons shop accross the road from where we got our sweets before going to the Saturday Matinee. I also remember the policeman Flude known as Fludy of whom all us kids where afraid off, and often threatened with his presence if we did anything wrong! I also remember the wooden chip shop at the top of Neale Street/Gray Street where we had many a threpenny mix with fish bits. My Grandma and Grandad Womble lived at the very bottom of Neale Street next to the railway and we as kids would run out when a train was coming to wave to the driver and fireman who always waved back. I remember the old bridge which led from the gitty onto the end of Barton Street, which would cross if walking home from school when we were in the juniors. We lived on the New Estate as it was called then, we lived on Jago Avenue where I spent a happy childhood. I also remember Bournes Mill when it was up and running in the 1950's Dr. Knowles, Dr Smart and things too numerous to mention. Oh happy days
If you would like to contact any of the people above with no address please e-mail or fill in feedback form.
Andy Wright I am reseaching the Lawrence Family and i am aware that an early cine film of Oliver Twist with one of the Lawrence family involved was filmed in Clowne featuring one of the Local Pubs as its backdrop.Does anyone know which pub or can provide any further information re this film.Here hoping Email :
Jonathan Briggs I live in Clowne now and have done all my life, I'll always love it.
Looking at the pictures on this site is strange, I wish I could go back to see the village back then. It will always be my home no matter where I go.
email :
Colin Linley Very few people in Clowne will know me
but will know my late brother Peter
who was Principal of the college and a supporter of Clowne .On my brothers death the Rev. Harris was one of the few people who located me and showed great kindness and consideration.I will never forget Peters funeral with Clowne church full and The Rev Harris conducting it. best wishes to every one in Clowne
Colin Linley
Email :
Bill Hopkinson Re the opening date for the senior girls school,,my wife Pearl was at that school for four years,and left in 1950,therefore the school must have been opened in 1945-6,I am a regular visitor to your website,to take a walk down memory lane,as we both were born and bread in Clowne,noe residing in Melbourne,Australia,keep up the good work mate and well done,,,Bill
Jeanne formerly Lowther My grandparents lived on Station Road, Clowne, near to Bump Mill Ponds and I spent most of my school holidays with them during WWII - happy times!. I remember the Gas Works and their peculiar smell and sledging down the slag heaps of the colliery. My grandfather was Robert (Bob) Henry Lowther and he was a Painter & Decorator and my Grandmother was Mabel Lowther. My Grandfather was a member of the RAOB ('Buffs') and his pub was the Nags Head. He had an allotment near to Bump Mill Ponds. Their sons were Robert (Bob) and James (Jim), both now dead. Jim was a miner who lived in Creswell. My father moved to Nottingham at the beginning of WWII and I grew up there but now live in Hertfordshire. Thanks for these memories!
If you would like to contact any of the people above with no address please e-mail or fill in feedback form.
Beryl Hadland nee Shephard The web site of the village is realy a great find,we found it through our daughter tina who lives in new zealand. she also thinks it,s great and would love to hear from any of her school friends who are still in the husband and I now live in the village of Barmouth in North Wales, and after being here for thirty two years are accepted by the local,s,but we never forget our roots and visit our family whenever we get the time.Beryl Milner used to live on the same street as me, we played together as children,WE were pleased to hear that mrs Rattue is still around,I remember taking ten bob a week,to the shop until I had bought myself a bike, and how I treasured that bike,until I sold it to buy a wedding dress, no regrets whatsoever.Tom send his regards to the bowdon boys.a few changes there.RE the French family,Tom went to school with Keith French and I worked at the Meridian factory with his wife Sheila,Your parents I think ? We will continue to enjoy the website, and well done all who have contributed to it.
E-mail : Beryl Hadland
Louise Price fabulous site, saddened by all the lovely buildings Clowne has lost. I've been a resident since 1987 and couldn't believe the amount of demolished buildings in such a short time. Keep up the good work!

Vince Platts I am desperately tryting to find relatives of my gramps a larry platts brother of chris and reg platts and son of joseph platts who i believe lost contact over 50 years ago. he played in goal for nottingham forest after the war... any feed back would be much appreciated

Email : Vince Platts

Craig Osborne I have been researching my Russell/Milner family history for years now and recently came into possesion a picture of my Great Great Grandfather Henry (Harry) Russell b1846 I recognised the picture from your website which I have visited on many occasions over the years having no inclination that one your many wonderful pictures of how Clowne used to be, pictured an ancestor of mine. The picture in question is of a well dressed beared fellow outside Rattues shop with an infant beside him who I believe is his son Walter beside them is his horse and cart. Keep up the good work bringing memories of Clowne and adding to my own.
Email : craig osborne
John English Thanks to my brother Paul and his wife Christine I heard about your Website. I took a look and memories came flooding back. Many GOOD ones, and one or two not so good. The name Mollie Calow rang a few bells. Hi! Mollie, that beautiful Auburn hair I shall always remember. Your mum and mine were good friends, along with Mrs. Hardy and Mrs. Benions. Another Feedbacker, Susan Brown, mentioned the Post Office on the corner of Station Road and North Road. Miss Hanford was the name of the Postmistress. She was aided by a Miss Brrown who also ran the PO in Gray street,I think. David Hardy and myself were 'Telegram Boys during our out of school hours.I was a founder member of the 2nd. Clowne St. Johbns Wolf Cub packFormed in 1942.(I think). The pack was led by Akela,(Mrs. Oxley),Mrs.Elliot and another lady whose name escapes me at present.I later upgraded to the Scout Troop, The Rev. Aln B. Gordon being Chief Scoutmaster. The ATC was another group I joined. This was commanded by Mr. Oxley, husband of Akela, and Principal of Clowne Technical School. Age blots out the names of many of my pals.However, Brian Snowdon, Peter Elliot, Gordon Robertson, Jazza Jowet, Joe Childs, Chubby Charlesworth and Frank & norman Cowley come to mind. I finished school at Clowne Senior Boys' in Sep.1845. Mr. Percy Gill, (Headmaster), Messrs Isaacs, Barlow & Wilde and Misses Unwin & peck, were my teachers. Mrs. Peck arrived with the evacuees from Lowestoft, I believe. Mr. Wilde came after service with the RAF. I started my 'Working Days' at Staveley Works.,(Sand Spun Pipes), and later at a small engineering workshop in the Pit Yard. In Sep. 1946 I joined the Army, along with Tommy Wilton, another Clowne lad.
It has been a pleasure 'talking' to you all. Thanks to Feedbach I have now departed on 'writing up' my memories of my time in Clowne and hope to place more in Feedback. Best Wishes, Clowneites.
Email :
Garry Davey Feedback: I was born in Clowne in 1951 and lived there till 1975 when I joined the army and moved to Germany.I now live in South Wales.I had a fantastic childhood living in clowne and your website brings the memories flooding back.I rember the old picture palace on a saturday morning watching batman or zoro,then re-enacting it on the tip on the way home.I used to go to the cubs at the salvation army,and the many many happy days,evenings and hours,spent train spotting on the old iron bridge and top line station.We used to fetch fish and chips for the signalman and he would let us up into the box,his name was arthur i think but we knew him as slim,and by the way has there ever been a better chip shop than the wooden hut on neale street,answer NO.I went to all the schools in Clowne,from the infants,to the juniors (rember daddy Isaccs and the slipper),then on to Boughton lane with teachers like Ralph and madge Wild,clog Bamford,Knocker Thorpe,the weekly hike down the stumps for woodwork or metalwork.Great days and a great place to have grown up,and sad to see how the place has changed to what it is today.thanks for agreat site,and through your photos great memories.Garry Davey.
Email :
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Kate Thorlby-Coy Would anyone out there know about traveller family in Clowne around 1910, called Waterhouse. Sometime after 1910 started delivering coal, any help would be great. William and Emma Waterhouse are buried in the churchyard in Clowne. Many thanks.
Antonietta Pulisciano I first come to England with my mother in November 1956, my father was already living in Clowne and worked at the Coalite at Claycross, I was 3.1/2 years of age and lived in Clowne until I was 5, I still remember a little bit of Clowne, but would like to know more about the house we lived in, I think it was number 2 Church Street or Road I know our house was near the Esso garage by the cross and right oposit the Coach and Houses public house, I would like to know a little history behind this public house and also if this house and the area, I also remember the Salvation Army Hall and wondered if this  is also still standing, I remember we had a court yard with about thee other houses surrounding it with a wash room in one end of the court yard.  My father came to England from Italy, I was born in a village near to Naples and have lived in England now for some 50 odd years, would love to know more about Clowne  please and it's past history.
email :
Amanda Hague Hi, We are the new owners of The Rectory on Rectory Road. Does anyone have any photos of the Rectory that they would like to share with us? I would like to point out that we are a family (not property developers)wanting to restore the Rectory to it's former glory for us to live in. Looking forward to to being part of the Clowne community. Thanks.

Ray Alberry I come from a family that has a long history in clowne.from 1810 when my great great + grandfather was left nearby, when the volunteer battalion that he was in dissbanded at a near by village, he came from the south of england, did not know how to get back so settled in the area, married, and later moved to Clown. his name was Sam Alberry. A son later was a founder member of the Clowne silver Band, and this band became one of the top bands in the Area Debyshire +South Yorkshire. My Father was born in Clowne in 1909. and then the family together with other relations moved to Doncaster, in 1911, for the sinking of the south Yorkshire pits. I have photos of Clowne Band dating from 1860-My family have carried on the musical trdition until this day. I having been the Bandmaster of the royal Marines band to HM the queen on the royal Yacht until I retired. My brothers and Sons are all still playing in the top Yorkshire bands If you want copies of the old Clowne band I can forward them, local people might reconise their relations I come to Clowne to visit a friend on the new estates. but could not reconise the old part from when I was a child(I'm 70 now) Ray Alberry


Jill Fish John Kouarski "Newsagent" High st, in 1881
Can anyone give me any information about John Kouarski. There are so many different ways this surname is spelt, he is hard to trace. Before 1881 he was a "Hawker" Hope someone can help. Many thanks
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Bill Crookston I was born on Salvin Crescent in 1937. Fourth of five brothers and a sister. David the eldest died a year ago in Bridgwater. Eric lives in Bridlington, Harold in Lincoln, me in Derby, Malcolm near Gainsborough and Moira in Worcestershire.
My parents David and Peggy came to Clowne in 1936 from Scotland and lived most of the rest of their life on Mansfield Rd and Damsbrook
Drive. I attended Clowne Junior School and then went off to Shirebrook on the train before leaving to work in local mines at Markham, Whitwell and Oxcroft. As a lad I was involved with the cubs, scouts, Clowne Wheelers and into anything I should not have been involved in. Days spent in the Gripps, Craggs Bumpmill pond still stand out in my mind and recently my wife and I went back and had a walk across the fields from the Church throught the Gripps along Creswell Rd, Hollinh Hill along the lane to the Waters and then down Mansfield Rd and into the Angel for a drink.

I remember the lads of Mansfield Rd as though it were
yesterday. The Ashleys, Brian Kieth and Snowball, Ronnie Rose, Ivan Paisley, Tadd Hovel, the Macmillans, Graingers, John Salt, David Seaman, Renny Alberry, Ray Gossling and Alan Yates. Many of the above are no longer with us but I am still in contact with Alan Macmillan and his wife Sheils, Kath Gilman (Reddish) and of course my cousin Archie and lovely wife Dorothy.

I left Clowne in 1956 when I married my wife Barbara Wragg of Bolsover. We have three boys and are looking forward to our 50th Wedding Anniversary in August.

I joined the Army in 1960 and completed 22 yrs with the Sherwood Foresters and then went on to serve with the Derbyshire Army Cadet force for a further 17 yrs before retiring six years ago. While in the Army I came across several men from Clowne, Ron Bend in Berlin, Michael Childs and Billy Watts in Singapore and Terry Robinson also in Berlin.

I still visit the village every month tending my parents grave on Barlborough Rd. Sorry to see the cross still not repaired but good to see the fine amenities on the top fields. I hope you manage to save the old girls school. Best wishes to all who know me. Keep up the good work of the web site, its great to read all the feedback letters


If you would like to contact any of the people above with no address please e-mail or fill in feedback form.

John Bradley
subject: Surname MALLEN and COAL MINING
comment: I have traced my Great Great Uncle JOHN MALLEN and his family to your Village. He came about 1887 as a miner and lived in MILL ST.I am interested in history and I would like to know
if the Colliery had records of him,also if MALLEN's reside their.History of the Colliery would be nice.



Lydia Greenwood
subject: Bottom & Gross Families
comment: My great grandfather, Enoch Bottom, owned a butcher's shop in clowne - does anyone have any memories of it, or whereabouts it was. or does anyone remember Enoch or his 4 sons & daughter. Also my grandmother Doris Gross was born in Clowne in 1906 - her father John was a foreman at the mine.She had a brother Lewis,who married Kathleen Thickett, and sister Annie. If anyone has any recolaections about any of these people, I would love to hear from you.

Ron Turner

Feedback: ll great guys. We spent many happy hours playing cricket and football there. Bob and Jack Milner were great stalwarts of the Tech team. Alex Saunders and The Stuart brothers Bob and Chick. Newton Dring and many others. Happy days. Thanks for your site.



Anthony Oldman

Clowne memories
comment: My dad came from clowne,and when i showed him your gallery of the village it left a tear in his eye to see how mutch of what he knew had now gone,it also brought back a lot of past memories for me as a young boy

Barry Lindley
Ref: Fish/Komarski
comment: 1871 Census has him on Clown Street (later to become High Street)lodgers John & Fanny Gardener.As You said JK is listed as Hawker.
If you would like to contact any of the people above with no address please e-mail or fill in feedback form.

Peter Lane
subject: Colliery at/near Clowne,

Hello My father worked in the pits in Derbyshire for a few months in the 1930s when ther was no work at home (County Durham). I taped a converstaion with him about a pit in, or near Clowne:

"I remember once I was sent to a pit — I once went and I couldn’t find it! A place called Clowne:
. . . .I says “I canna find nee bloody pit in Clowne!”
And it was in a great big hole — you couldn’t see it from the village"

But which pit was it? Oxcroft Number 3?
Can anybody help?

Barry Lindley

Feedback info for Komarski
Census records 1851, have John Komarski aged 40 widower, occ.Pedlar, born Warsaw, Poland. also Daughters:Louisa age 6, born Petersfield, Hants and Mary Ann aged 4, born Rawcliffe, Yorks.....There is also a lodger John Allsop aged 56 Frame-work-Knitter, born Mansfield Woodhouse. The location is Clown Street later to become High Street. IT seems that John only added only only one year for every two, in 1861 he's now 45 and still living on High Street.!1871 same residence age 52, has lodgers John & Fanny Gardenerboth 40 born
Bill Burn

subject: HMS Britomart
comment: I understand that the minesweeper HMS Britomart was adopted by Clowne in 1938. Does anyone have any memories of this event? Are there any documents or perhaps a plaque in the church or some other building? Was there a memorial service after she was sunk by allied aircraft in August 1944?

I have recently created a web site which includes details of Britomart and her tragic end at . I would appreciate any information so that I can add it to the site. Many thanks.



Anthony Oldman
subject: forgotten railway line
comment: Could anyone help me,iwould like as mutch information on the railway line between cresswell and seymour junction via clowne,in the form of video,pictures,or ex british rail sectional appendix.I would like to know how a train was routed from cresswell to chesterfield stn via the above line.Thank you.


Peter Dolby
subject: School Days
comment: First I just wanted to say what a wonderful job you are all doing in putting this website together. As someone who has a keen interest in History it is lovely to see the old photo's of the village, and now because of this they can be preserved for many generations to come. My initial query concerns a photo I saw at Clowne Gala (1/7/06) of Clowne Senior School football team 1954/55. It showed a photo of my Dad's cousin Pat Dolby who with the rest of his family emigrated to New Zealand the following year. Unfortunately Pat died last year but it would be wonderful if we could get hold of that pictutre to take a copy to send over to the rest of his family. I tried clicking on school days but for some reason it kept coming up with an error. Please get in touch if you can help.
If you would like to contact any of the people above with no address please e-mail or fill in feedback form.
Lynn Honess
subject: Mr Percy Gill (Headmaster)
comment: Percy Gill was my great uncle, I would appreciate any information about him and his family, as I have very little on him. I have been researching my family tree, but my dad didn't know very much about them except that he was told Percy was the headmaster at Clowne School. Great site!

David Graham

subject: 1960 - 1977
Where do I start, so many great memories of Clowne.
Parents (John and Audrey) lived in East Street until 1971, when we moved to Mansfield Road. Left in 1977 and I now live in Cambridge with my wife and 2 teenage children.

Very happy memories of East Street and Mansfield Road - Kenny Milner, Malcolm & Paul Orwin, Peter Bullock (sadly died about 1971), Nigel Presley, Gary & Nigel Bateman, Linda & Elaine (but can't remember surname), Andrew White (also sadly no longer with us), Kevin Stanton, Ian Palmer, Stephen Lewis, Stephen Bird, Derek Brown, Janet Gresley, Vincent Rose, Mark & Grant Blakemore, Richard Henry, Robert Owen, Andrew Gibbs, Paul Cheetham (also dead), Lynda Ervin, Mark & Christine Warburton, the Heavey family .... the list goes on.

Attended the infant and junior school in Clowne (who can forget Daddy Isaacs and Mrs Bamforth) and then went to Netherthorpe.
It only seems like yesterday that I used to steal pop bottles from the co-op yard at the bottom of East Street and take them round the front for a 3d refund (apologies to Mr Frost, the manager, but I am sure he knew what we were doing!). Still wonder what the characters are up to from my era - John Childs, Mick Morris, Eddie Mumby etc.

Living in the flat lands of Cambridgeshire, I still remember the joy of freewheeling down Station Hill on my bike and how Peppers' lorries always used to queue on the hill just before 5pm.

Always had a Jimmy Jarvis haircut and bought model aircraft from Mr Rattue. Also used to buy fishing gear from Harvey Derricot and looked up to Arthur Slater (the insurance man).

Don't return to Clowne these days but still have a cousin there (Barry Kinsey, the builder). Am very garteful to so many people and places for great memories - Ian Bell (scouts), the landlord of The Angel who used to serve me when I was 15!, Lawrence Harris (vicar), Hebdons sweet shop, Mr Kehoe (another sweet shop!), Percy Lindley (for teaching me to play tennis), etc etc.

As they say, you can take the boy out of Clowne, but you can't take Clowne out of the boy!! Would love to hear from anyone who remembers my era in Clowne.


If you would like to contact any of the people above with no address please e-mail or fill in feedback form.

Tony Griffin

subject: 1960's
comment: Excellent website. I remember the area from school holidays on my dad's van round in the 1960's. There were actually two railway stations in Clowne. Tony, Derby.



Kerry Edees

subject: William Bingham - 1870's to 1900's
I moved to Clowne a couple of years back, blissfully unaware that my ancestors once lived here.

During the 1871 Census my ancestor William Bingham and his wife Ann lived at Clowne Green - this I am assuming is the house on this website known as 'The Green' which stood on the site of the old co-op. During the 1881, 1891 & 1901 Censuses, William & Ann Bingham lived with their seven children, Mary Hannah, Thomas Shaw, Alice, Henry, Emily, William, and Lucy, at Romeley Hall Farm, Clowne, from where William and his children farmed the land.

If anyone can give me any more information about either the Bingham family, Clowne Green, or Romeley Hall Farm, I would be most grateful. Maybe you are a descendent of William!

Feel free to email me on with any information regarding either the family or the history of the buildings.

Many thanks.

Michelle Watson

subject: miss home
comment: i really enjoyed looking back at where i am from.some of what i looked at i do not remember as it was before my time.
but i think grandad harry towner & daughther pearl towner/Watson will always be there to remind me of who and what i am thanks michelle watson/elsey.(totty).Take care clowne..

Jason Ridge

subject: Rhodes Thomas Plumb
comment: I am trying to trace the where abouts of my G.Granddad Rhodes Thomas Plumb, my Grandfather Roy Plumb was born in Clowne, but moved to Wakefield, West Yorkshire, i beleive Rhodes may have stayed in Clowne, but havent been able to find anything, he was born 1899 and comes from the Lambley line of Plumbs.. any info would be very much appreciated, i know there is a Plumb or some Plumbs buried in the church yard there, so again, anyone with info on the buriels could you please please get in touch :)

Thanks and all the best,


Linda Haviland
subject: TAYLORS
comment: You never know who you'll connect with on the internet. My great-grandfather, John Taylor, was born in Clowne in October, 1851, son of George and Mary(Taylor)Taylor. Although they didn't stay there, emigrating to the U.S. with their family in 1867, I really enjoyed viewing your pictures and reading about Clowne, although I live in Bristol, Connecticut U.S.A. John Taylor's son Grant/Fredrick Taylor, was the Grandfather I never met, as he died before I was born (in 1947), so researching about my mother's family is poignant and enlightening for me. I did learn what a "collier" meant, too! Thank-you for your nice website. Feel free to check out my town of Bristol, Connecticut anytime..Linda H.


If you would like to contact any of the people above with no address please e-mail or fill in feedback form.
Keith Webster

subject: Born in Clowne
comment: I was born on 2nd July 1947 at no. 41 King Street. My grandad and grandma were Harry and Violet Hendry (nee Violet Seaman). My parents were Jack and Olga Webster (nee Olga Hendry)My parents were divorced whilst I was still very young and my mother re-married Geoff Davey from Eckington. I have two half brothers, Garry Davey (whom I see has also placed a comment on this site) and Ivan Davey. We moved from King Street to no.13 Rose Avenue, and ultimately to 39 Hickinwood Crescent. I went to Infants and Junior School in Clowne, and I remember well the teachers "Daddy Isaacs", Freddie Stamper,Mrs Jackson, Mrs Linacre, Mrs Lovatt,and Headmistress Mrs Wilkes. Miss Pickering was headmistress at the Infants School, and Iris Hardy used to smack my legs frequently!! After passing the 11+ exam, I went to Netherthorpe Grammar School with Trevor Grainger, Christopher Howe, Tony Houldsworth and the rest of the gang. On leaving school, I worked for Joe Nicholson and his son Jack, at Church Farm and Markland Farm on Elmton Road, with Dougie Peck and Alan Russell.We all later left to work for the Council,- Alan Russell and I worked for Clowne Rural District Council,and Dougie Peck worked for the County Council. I left Clowne at the age of 20 to do nursing training at the old Chesterfield Royal Hospital in the town centre.... and ultimately for the AGD (Post Office). I have fond memories of Clowne, when it was avillage where everybody knew everybody else! Frequent walks along Border Lane, Hickinwood Lane, and picnics down Markland Grips! Many's the Saturday Afternoon I spent atthe matinees at Clowne Picture Palace for 6d, or 9d in the best seats under the balcony! The last time I travelled through Clowne, I couldn't recognise the place! But I suppose thats progress for you! If ant of my old workmates or schoolmates see this posting, please get in touch via e-mail. I'd love to hear from you.

Mick Straw

subject: Just to say hello
comment: Hi There......

This is just a quick note to say what a pleasure it is to have visited this web-site....and nice to see some of the names of people who have taken the time to visit.....I left Clowne in the early 70's but my mum and other members of the family still live there to this day...., June and Peter White, Colin Straw, Betty Straw, Denise and Trudy (nee Collins.

I am lucky that I do get back to the village and still see loads of people from school days etc....but there are some of whom nothing has been seen or heard......and some of those who sadly are no longer with cousin Andrew White....Steve Brough, Tosh (David Hoole),John Jackson....and many more ..... My Grandfather - France Straw was a local councillor (both rural and Bolsover District Council) for many years and also a school governer at Boughton Lane (Heritage).......the school actually had a trophy presented by him which I believe was for outstanding achievement ........does anyone know if that trophy still exists?

Anyway to those who know me .....I hope you are fit and well..........and for those of you who dont know me.....I hope you are fit and well too.....

Best wishes to all in Clowne and keep up the good work with the web-site....



Marcus Turner
subject: Rev Harris
comment: having read mr baileys comments on the treatment of the Rev Harris i completely agree. having spent most of my adult life away from clowne but as a child was brought up under mr harris's time after the rev wilcox. mr harris has buried most of my family and find it very sad that he is not allowed to preach at clowne. I sat with the rev harris before the funeral of my mother and found him a most compassionate man.

re jane nolan
I went to school with paul flude still got the scar to prove it


Katy Brown

subject: Gren Heathcote
I really enjoyed looking at this website, as it brought back memories of my grandpa. I am 18years of age, and lost my grandpa last year. He was born and grew up in Clowne. I particularly remember him through this place, as he took me on a day trip to visit the school he went to when he was a young boy, and where he lived. A really memoriable day. His name was Grenville Heathcote, died 2005, at the age of 70. Sadly missed but forever in my heart.
Ron Turner
subject: Grenville Heathcote
comment: Hello Katy,
I remember Grenville Heathcote as a young man in the fifties. Great guy and good footballer and cricketer for Clowne Tech. Please accept my condolences on your sad loss.
If you would like to contact any of the people above with no address please e-mail or fill in feedback form.

Ronald Turner
subject: A note from the past
comment: The note left by Herbert Roe rang a few bells with me. I Vaguely remember Herbert working at Creswell Colliery during my time there in the 40 and 50's. His neighbour Bill Milner used to play centre Half in the football team at Clowne Tech in my time there, along with his brother Jack who was a surveyor. The others in the team included Chick and Bob Stuart, Alec Sanders, Newton Dring, Gren Heathcote, Jack Edwards, etc. Fred Cutts was the Secretary/Manager at the time.

Tina Fraser (nee Hadland)
subject: Memories
I really enjoy reading the comments on the website. My family lived at 53 King Street and then moved to The Bungalows on Barlboro Road which was closer to my Grandma and Grandad (Lillian and Cyril Shephard). I went to the infants and junior schools and remember Mr Ford at the junior school, also his son Jeremy who was on Friends Reunited but hasn't got back in touch. I went to school with Sandra Faulkner and we both took the 11+ and went on to Netherthorpe.
I remember Rev Harris and he took me for my first communion. I also remember a party at the rectory when I was an attendant for one of the gala queens (sorry can't remember her name) - I do know that mum made the dresses and we had our hair done on North Road. My sister Lesley and I were both in the Dolly Belles and had a good time travelling with them.
We moved to North Wales in 1974 and mum and dad are still there (see earlier feedback). My sister and her family are near Chester and me and my husband Andy have been in New Zealand for the last two years. Love to hear from anyone who knows me, Lesley, Mum Beryl and Dad Tom. TTFN

Marcus Turner
subject: clowne
comment: having been born and brought up in clowne but now living in kent it brought back many memories of clowne especialy the front picture of clowne infants the old school where i had many happy days i used to be very friendly with the newton family brian todd robert phillip. i dont visit much now all my parents are dead but still have fond memories. further to the rattues their son nigel was best man at my brother pauls wedding many years ago
Ron Turner
subject: Clowne Church
comment: I remember going to the Church on several occasions at sometime in 1948/49/50 when my good friend Jack Edwards was a Bell Ringer there. We went on a bellringers day trip to Snowdonia from the church and visited the isle of Anglesea, Llanberis pass, and went on the Snowdon railway, and also managed to stop for a while in Chester. on another time I remember walking back from the church after a midnight service and meeting with a very drunk guy who was full of the joys of Christmas. Jack told me the man who's name I have, to my shame, forgotten had been a prisoner of war in Japanese hands and had worked and survived very bravely the building of the Burmese Railway. His colleagues from that period had told how he had been defiant in the face of extreme cruelty. In one instance they said their captors had made him climb to the top of an embankment carrying the toilet bin to empty it. He had fallen and the contents had covered his emaciated body. They didn't allow him to wash.And nobody would go near him for several days. Someone reading this may remember his name. He was one tough cookie but had a heart of gold. He wanted to share his bottle with us all the way back from the church to the village that night.
Geoff Taylor
subject: Taylor Family - Holly Cottages
comment: My father was Frank Taylor, born 1919 in Clowne. He lived with his sisters Fanny & Hannah there until he joined the army in 1938. He worked in a nearby mine I believe called Creswell. I went to your church on a flying visit to find some graves but did not have much time. What a lovely village. Can anyone help me with finding graves of John Joseph Taylor and his wife Elizabeth.
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Katy Brown
subject: Grenville Heathcote (to Ron Turner)
comment: Hi Ron. Many thanks for ur reply. Brought a tear to my eye, when i saw your message. He was an amazing person, and yes was involved in Cricket in a really big way. This however will be carried on, as his ashes are now at the Local cricket ground in hucknall. I haven't as of yet, todl my Nan, June Heathcote (Maiden - June Bull), that i have been on this website, as she saw a print out, and it was too much for her. Would be great to hear from you again, as to how you knew him etc. Many Thanks, Katy


David .Nicholas

Born in Westlea cotts Pit row & proud of it !
comment: Love your site,I spent every school holiday with my grandparents at West Lea Cotts Clowne and have very fond memories of all the people who lived there. My grandparents were Eliza & Joseph Hal,also my uncle Arthur alias Amby & Rose Hall. My grandparents lived in the front row near to the Russels Oldmans Johny Bucketeritus,what an amazing name,i spent many hours practicing to say Ay up Bucketer as my accent had diminished after years in the smoke London. I was born in the house next to my grandparents and i am proud that i was. Many years later i was working in leicester on a heating project for habitat. When i recognised the derbyshire accent from some builders on site and asked if they were from the chesterfield area, they said they were from Creswell where my uncle Jim & aunt Betty Hall lived.I told them where i was born and they suddenly gave me instant respect. They said we don't go there they smack you in the mouth and then ask if you've done anything. Not the best start to any relationship but we did speak about the area at some length as we both new many of the same people. As you will have realised from my ranting i have great memories of Pit Row my grand father was the night watchman at Oxcroft 1 and one evening he took me to work with him to feed the cat and close up. I got scared and ran off to my Uncles and told him that Grandad went down the big hole. My Grandfather went home and said he thought i had gone down the shaft, which was open at the time, and he had left this little lad staring into it. My grand mother was working herself up to the point of murder. When we arrived at the house to tell her that Joe had gone to a better place after surviving the first world war at the somme.I think we were all somewhat relieved that we had miraculously survived again.

Julie Bentley (nee Straw)

Fantastic site
comment: Well done - visiting this site has left me with a huge smile on my face.

I am surprised however that you missed out the 100 year celebrations of Clowne Junior school in the 1970's.

I left Clowne in 1986 but still visit as my mum Doris Straw still lives there. Yes - she was the dinner lady at the junior school for years !!!

It would be great to here from anyone who knows me. I live in Cheltenham now but will always have fond memories of the fantastically friendly people from Clowne!!

I also agree - bring back Rev Harris.

Frank Taylor
subject: Family History
comment: I am trying to buid up my family tree and found out that my early family originaly came from Cloune. My great Grandfather Thomas taylor was born there in 1859 and moved to Royston in Yorkshire inAprox 1875 ,where he married in 1880.His father was William born 1830 in the Cloune area and he married Ann Cook born 1831.Williams Father was a James Taylor c1795 and I believe he married a Mary from that area. it seens that Thomas moved to Yorkshire on his own. He worked at Monkton main pit where he made pit tubs as he was a Joiner.I believe he had brothers Henry and Sydney and a sister Ann. I would be greatfull if anyone could forward me any info that may link up.I and my wife moved to Australia in 1968 and live in Whyalla in South Australia. Regards Frank Taylor.
Beccy Stremes
subject: Dr Robert Eastwood
comment: My uncle was the local doctor for Clowne in the 70s. He was married to Margaret, and lived in the surgery in Clowne. I have driven past the house many years ago, and now believe it is called Eastwood House, and is the Business home of Nottingham Registeresociety for adults and children with Autism. Does anyone have memories of Doctor Eastwood, and would they like to share them with me? I am his sister Jo's daughter.
David Blakemore
subject: Allsop's Sweet Shop
comment: Ruth Ives asks about Allsop's Sweet Shop.
I think this was the one on High Street, opposite Bowskills that I remember from the 1950's. Next door was Eyre's fruit and veg, and the row of houses behind the two shops was called Candlin's Yard.

Steve Thomas
Subject: Barlborough Rd
Comment: Lived in Clowne from 1956-1970
Used to deliver papers for the papershop next to Jimmy Jarvis Barbers, this is the place my Grandad used to drag me from my fortnightly haircut, (anyone out there remember the Passey family, Al Buxton , Mick Straw, Rob Newton, Keith & John West, Debra Knowles, Steve Cook, Gale Inger, Miss Cope from Boughton lane , Lynn Froggat, Keith Williams and anyone who was in the school production of Hansel & Gretal.


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