Demolished buildings
Coach & Horses
The Old Angel
The Old Angel
A grand old building sadly demolished in 1976.
The old angel hotel stood where the car park is for the new angel.
Another look at the old angel from across at the crown
The Westlyan Church
The Old Police Stn
Spring Vale
This was demolished to make way for some flats.
This building used to stand on the corner of rotherham road. note that the phone box on the right is still there but has been replaced with a new type box.
A row of cottages that used to stand in the dip on creswell road where it joins station road. demolished do to flooding from harlesthorpe dam.

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The Picture Hall
Gapsick Lane Cottage
This building used to stand at the side of the old stone bit of the old junior school. It was demolished to make way for clowne college.
Up to a few years ago the ruins of this place remained at the top of the hill on gapsick lane.I dont think there is any remains there now.
The Barn
This is the only picture we have of this fine old building. It used to stand across the road from the rectory. I wish we had some better pictures of this place.
High Street
Mill Cottages
Looking towards the angel. On the right St. Paul's church which was demolished & is now a car park.
A row of cottages which stood where we have the market now days. The first one on the right still stands today.
Miss Hanfords Post Office
The Old Toll House
The Old Mill
Demolished around the time the railway came to town.I was told it was to do with the bridge that runs under the old t s b bank.The new p. o. was built on the same spot & is now waplingtons shop.
This building used to stand on the gapsick lane cross roads.

Stood in the center of the village. It was demolished about fifteen years ago.


Romley House
Bournes Mill
The Green
Another part of the mill once stud just to the back of where the council offices stand today.
This house used to stand on what is now the co op car park.across the road you can see the toilets stil there today.
Old Co op butchery
Grandma Redferns Shop
Old Co op grocery
Used to stand on high street.

hampshire square
cottages on high street
The Old Bacon Factory

Courtesy Of A.W.Heap